Teacher Gains Fame for Charging Rent to Third-Grade Students

Miss Lattimore from Charlotte, North Carolina, has become an internet sensation thanks to her brilliant method of teaching financial responsibility to her third-grade students.

There was quite a buzz surrounding her unique approach to teaching young learners. It turns out, she has a creative way of encouraging them to stay engaged by using a playful currency called «Miss Lattimore Bucks.»

It’s a straightforward and clever idea: students contribute $5 as a form of «rent» to cover the expenses of their desk and chair in the classroom. In this interactive lesson, you’ll not only learn about financial transactions, but also gain valuable insights into the responsibilities that come with managing resources.

Miss Lattimore’s approach has garnered significant attention from the online community, receiving praise for her dedication to educating young individuals about finances in a practical and captivating way. Using pretend currency brings a sense of enjoyment to the learning experience, while also reinforcing important concepts about budgeting and financial awareness.

«Observing my students develop an understanding and empathy for the challenges their guardians may be facing, but in a secure setting, instills in them a sense of responsibility as they transition into adulthood,» Miss Lattimore shared.

@shelby_thatsmee Hard Life Lessons in 3rd Grade, my students had to pay rent for the first time! Year Two of collecting classroom rent and it is still the best feeling ever! #rent #money #teacher ♬ original sound — Ms.L

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