Reba McEntire Reminisces About Toby Keith’s Passing, Weaves Through Cherished Memories Together

Reba McEntire fondly reflects on her friendship and professional relationship with the late Toby Keith.

She expressed her deep sadness, stating, «We will greatly miss him, not just as a friend, but also as a fellow performer and someone who was part of the music industry, hailing from Oklahoma.»
“But he doesn’t have to fight anymore,” Reba continued. And he can finally find relief. I look forward to the day when I can witness his presence in Heaven. We are fortunate to have his exceptional music to accompany us, despite his absence from this earthly realm.»

Toby Keith revealed his battle with stomach cancer in October of 2021 and made the announcement to the public the following summer. Simultaneously, he revealed his decision to take a break from his career in order to prioritize his well-being and spend more time with his loved ones.

The country star made a triumphant comeback with several performances before his untimely passing.

Reba McEntire and Toby Keith were familiar with each other. In 1995, they embarked on a tour alongside Rhett Atkins, and they have had numerous reunions throughout the years.

She expressed her enjoyment of their tour, describing it as a highly enjoyable experience. «Toby embodied the renegade, outlaw persona, while I leaned towards being the Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes. Our personalities were at opposite ends of the spectrum.»

However, she mentioned that they shared something in common.

“I do love me a Solo cup,” she laughed.

Toby Keith has left a lasting impact as a talented singer and songwriter. Throughout his impressive three-decade career, he achieved an incredible feat of having 20 songs reach the top of the charts. What’s even more remarkable is that the majority of these hits were written by the artist himself. Some of his notable compositions include the timeless classics Should’ve Been a Cowboy and Don’t Let the Old Man In. In 2015, he was honored with induction into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, a significant milestone in his long and successful career.

He possessed exceptional talent in both writing and singing. «When Toby’s voice came on the radio, you instantly recognized it,» Reba added. Toby Keith possessed a unique vocal style that made it unmistakably clear who he was as an artist. So, that’s an admirable quality to have.»

Toby Keith passed away peacefully on February 5, 2024, surrounded by his loved ones. He was sixty-two years old.

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