Sad News from Beloved TV Judge Frank Caprio — Sending Thoughts and Prayers

A well-respected Rhode Island traffic judge, renowned for his compassionate demeanor in the courtroom, humbly requested prayers after sharing the news of his pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Judge Frank Caprio, 87, the beloved star of the reality TV show «Caught in Providence,» recently shared that he experienced some health concerns around the time of his birthday in November, prompting him to seek a medical examination.

«The report was not good,» Caprio stated in a video that was shared in December 2023. «I have recently received a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, a particularly challenging form of the disease.»

Caprio expressed that he was feeling fine, attributing his well-being to the medical treatment he was undergoing. He also mentioned that he was hopeful that the services he was receiving would continue to be beneficial for him.

«I am receiving exceptional care from a team of skilled doctors, both in Rhode Island and at the renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts,» expressed the Chief Judge Emeritus. «I hope that the medical professionals who are treating me are guided by divine wisdom in their thoughts and actions.»

Caprio recently retired from his position as the chief judge of the municipal court in Providence, Rhode Island.

Caprio expresses his readiness to confront the challenges ahead as he embarks on his treatment for the disease.
«I understand that this journey may be challenging, and I am fully committed to giving it my all.»

He kindly asked his fans to keep him in their thoughts and prayers as he undergoes treatment.

“I ask each of you, in your own way, to please pray for me. I am seeking the strength of prayer, which I firmly believe, alongside the medical treatment I am receiving, is a powerful combination that will help me in overcoming this challenge.»

«It truly means a lot to me that you were thinking of me. I appreciate all of the messages you have sent in the past. Thank you. Thank you for your kind and unwavering support. And if you could kindly keep me in your prayers, I would be truly grateful.»

After finishing his speech, the camera cuts to Caprio, who appears deep in thought with his head lowered and resting on his hands. The video and music gradually fade away, creating a poignant moment.

Caprio’s video has garnered a significant amount of attention, with numerous supporters expressing their thoughts and prayers for the Rhode Island native.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Judge. «You will come through this!» a Facebook user encouraged.

«You embody the essence of divine love in this world.» Another person added, «May you be blessed with many more years with your family.»

Caprio’s notable moments stem from the judge’s deep empathy for people who find themselves in his courtroom.

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