Every Day, She Would Hear Her Mother’s Hurtful Words, «You’re So Ugly with Your Big Nose,» but Now She Is One of the Most Beloved Actresses of Our Time.

Jennifer Aniston, recognized for her exceptional role in Friends, has also appeared in several popular movies such as We’re the Millers and Horrible Bosses.

Unfortunately, Jennifer Aniston had a challenging childhood with her mother. She constantly pointed out her mistakes and caused her significant emotional distress, which had long-lasting effects. Jennifer’s mother, actress Nancy Dow, faced challenges while raising her child. Every day, her mother would comment on her appearance, saying, «You don’t look good and your nose is big.»

Jennifer was well aware of her parents’ strained relationship, which ultimately led to their divorce. She stayed with her mother after their divorce, enduring constant criticism for her physical appearance, including her nose, eyes, and weight gain during puberty.

Jennifer’s self-confidence and self-esteem were deeply affected by her mother’s constant reminders of her appearance during her childhood. Despite living under the same roof, she bore no physical or mental resemblance to her mother.

The way Jennifer’s mother behaved was unpredictable, and she didn’t get along well with her father either. When Jen didn’t listen to her mother when she told her she was wrong, her mother laughed in her face, «teaching» Jen to take criticism in silence.

In addition, she faced the challenge of dyslexia, a learning disability that predominantly affects reading, writing, and spelling abilities. Her academic performance suffered greatly as a result.

Amidst everything, Jennifer had a sudden realization that perhaps she wasn’t as terrible as she had been led to believe. She couldn’t help but question if her mother had been wrong about her all along.

Jen’s self-assurance soared following her successful entry into the world of Hollywood, particularly after undergoing a nose job procedure. Her mother, on the other hand, was not satisfied with her achievements. Jennifer Aniston’s happiness surrounding «Friends,» the highly acclaimed American television sitcom, was overshadowed by her mother’s interviews, where she continuously made negative comments about her in public.

Jennifer made a firm decision to cut off all communication with her mother and decided not to invite her to own wedding with Brad Pitt. She went 15 years without speaking to her mother.

After years of therapy to navigate the challenges of her formative years, Jen had a life-altering realization. She thinks she is stronger today even after all of her mother’s criticism and harsh comments.

«My mother communicated with me in this manner out of love and a desire for my well-being. She unintentionally caused me immense pain, unaware that the healing process would require years of therapy.» Jennifer Aniston attributes her current personality to her upbringing.

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