A Woman Finds Her Husband Sleeping with Another Woman After Returning from Work

During her trip to Los Angeles for work, Mary doesn’t know that her husband is seeing a hotel maid instead of her. Imagine the chaos that follows when they uncover the maid’s sinister intentions to destroy everything they hold dear.

Michael glanced at his watch and shut his laptop, pausing his commissioned art to prepare for his expected visitor. He didn’t mind the untidy hotel room; his main focus was taking a shower and getting dressed in a relaxed manner. There was a knock on the door, indicating that his guest had arrived. It was Lucy, the maid.

Had Michael been aware of Lucy’s true intentions, he would have undoubtedly refrained from engaging in any intimate encounters with her. He was completely consumed by his desires. They hugged sharing a passionate kiss before shutting the door.

Lucy despised the feel of Michael’s touch, but at this moment, her sole focus was on seeking revenge. She was determined to seize the perfect opportunity to take revenge against the couple for their actions.

«I’ve been eagerly anticipating Friday, when you would finally return to me,» he said, gently guiding her onto the bed.

«I’ve been eagerly anticipating as well, my love. I wish we could do this more often,» Lucy replied, despite her disgust. Out of nowhere, a forceful knock on the door shattered the silence.

«Did you get anything?»

«No,» Lucy replied, shaking her head.

Michael’s face turned pale as he opened the door. Surprisingly, Mary, his wife, had come back from a business presentation. «Surprise!» she exclaimed.

In a state of panic, he pretended to be innocent, desperately trying to prevent Mary from entering the bedroom where Lucy was hiding. However, Mary remained skeptical of his story.

«No more deception. Where is she?» Mary angrily pushed past him. She was well aware that cheating was nothing out of the ordinary for him.

«I have no idea who you’re talking about!» Michael said in a relaxed manner. Ignoring him, Mary made her way to the en suite bathroom. Michael felt a surge of fear as he realized he had only seconds to redirect her focus.

«Hey, can you fill me in on what’s happening? We should go down to the hotel restaurant…»

Mary threw open the bathroom door, only to find it completely empty. Michael’s messy bed suggested a secret meeting, yet Lucy was clearly not found.

«Look, there’s nobody here, sweetheart. You’re getting yourself all worked up. You’ve become quite skeptical due to the work stress.»

Mary let out a sigh of relief, and Michael observed the ease in her posture. With a smile on her face, she hugged him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

«Prove your love for me,» she challenged.

Michael playfully pushed her onto the bed, whispering mischievously. Mary chuckled, but their moment was abruptly interrupted by the sound of a ringing phone beneath the bed.

«Hey, whose phone is that?» Mary asked, gently tapping his shoulders.

«Oh, uh…it’s mine,» Michael responded.

In a moment of desperation, Michael searched under the bed for the phone that had slipped out of reach during his earlier activities with Lucy. Fortunately, Lucy passed him the phone from beneath the bed.

«Do you see?» «I just changed the ringtone,» Michael said. «It’s helpful to distinguish between work calls and calls from my beloved Mary.»

Mary sat up, feeling completely collapsed. Because Michael knew she was doubting him again, he quickly showed her a sticker on his phone. «Remember, you got it for me at a charity fair? I updated the ringtone, but my love for you remains the same.»

«It’s a bit odd.» I could have sworn I caught a whiff of a woman’s perfume… Mary let out a deep sigh.

Michael and Mary shared a tender moment, finding comfort in each other’s presence. «There’s no one around, and there never has been. It’s most likely just the automatic air freshener,» he said.

Mary looked up at the small device mounted on the wall by the bedroom entrance. «Perhaps you’re right,» she agreed with a nod.

Michael gently brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear. «Taking a breather outside might do you some good, alright? After you start feeling better, we can have lunch together. And who knows, maybe I can show you just how much I love you later on.»

«Sure.» Mary’s lips curved into a gentle smile as she planted a tender kiss on his cheek. I think I’ll go for a leisurely walk by the pool. I’ll be right back.»

Michael breathed a sigh of relief as Mary went away. «Phew, that was a close one!» Lucy burst out from under the bed, full of excitement.

As the evening approached, Lucy confidently maneuvered her cleaning cart through the hotel corridor, pleased with her clever strategy against Michael. All of a sudden, a voice caught her off guard.

«Hey there!» Mary emerged from the corner.

«Hey,» Lucy replied, her voice filled with nerves.

«What do you think of my husband?» Mary asked, causing Lucy to turn pale. «Had Mary suspected something? It shouldn’t happen because my plan won’t work!»

«I mean, do you like him?» Mary’s eyes sparkled with a fierce anger.

«No! I mean, yes…er, no. I meant to say no,» Lucy stumbled. «No, he’s just a regular guest,» she insisted, regaining her composure. «Personal relationships are strictly prohibited. That might lead to me losing my job.»

Mary couldn’t help but smirk. «Oh! I’m just kidding!»

Lucy’s face lit up with relief as she smiled. Mary persisted, asking, «Have you seen my husband with a guest recently?»

«I didn’t see anyone, ma’am,» Lucy responded.

«Can I please access the hallway security footage?»

«I’m sorry, but hotel policy doesn’t allow that,» Lucy declined.

«I have a helpful tip for you.»

«I’m sorry, but I can’t,» Lucy firmly stated.

«Well, in that case, I’ll have to handle the situation and talk to the security guard directly,» Mary stated. «I’ll just say that I… misplaced my wallet. I’m confident they’ll be delighted to offer me such exceptional service.»

Lucy was filled with a sense of panic. If the hotel’s security staff caught her on camera with Michael, she’d definitely be in hot water. «D-Do not do that. Unfortunately, the guard won’t be of much assistance. I’ll be happy to help you,» she eagerly offered.

Lucy successfully reached the surveillance room with assistance from a former colleague. Seated in front of the console, she followed Mary’s instruction to rewind the footage to earlier that morning.

Her fingers trembled as she made adjustments to the security footage, revealing her pushing the cleaning cart down the hallway. «It’s just an ordinary thing,» she said.

«Interesting,» Mary said, closely examining the black-and-white video. «Let’s continue watching.»

While observing, Lucy carefully dusted a painting in the hallway, with time ticking away on the timestamp.

Lucy quickly reached out to Michael for help, and Mary’s phone rang just in the nick of time.

«Yeah, honey?» she replied, moving out of the way.

Lucy stood in front of Michael’s door, adjusting her uniform. Michael, in a bold move, stepped out and kissed her with intense passion.

Mary was too caught up in her call to notice the passionate kiss playing out on the screen. Lucy felt a surge of excitement as Mary rummaged through her purse, searching for her keys.

Mary discovered the keys, and her attention snapped back to the scene as Lucy teasingly nudged Michael back into his room.

«I entered the room across the hallway to tidy it up. She pointed to Mary’s arrival at the room, saying, «And there you are,» just seconds later.

Mary let out a sigh, expressing regret for her doubt. As she made her way towards the door, her movements came to a sudden halt as Lucy’s phone began to ring.

«One more thing,» Mary said, giving Lucy a piercing look. «I need assistance with my luggage, please. I’m heading out on a business trip.

Lucy did as she was asked, and once Mary was gone, she let out a sigh of relief. Now, it was time to execute the next phase of her plan.

In the hotel room, Michael’s heart raced as his phone buzzed on the nightstand. As soon as the screen lit up with an unknown number, he instantly recognized the caller. The story of the blackmailer. He hesitated for a moment before responding.

«Hello?» Michael’s voice trembled.

«Hey Michael, my friend. Are you ready for our last transaction?

Michael quickly scanned the room, feeling a bit on edge. «Sure, sure. I have the funds.»

The tone of the blackmailer took a dark and menacing turn. «Great.» Here’s the usual routine. Here’s the final one, Michael. Make it count.»

Michael’s jaw tightened as sweat dripped down his forehead. «I’ve fulfilled my part of the agreement. So, after this, you’ll leave me alone, right?»

A smile could be heard in the voice on the other end of the phone. «Once the funds are in the correct account, you won’t be hearing from me anymore.»

Michael offered reassurance, «You’ll get it. Hold on for a second.»

After ending the call, Michael’s hands shook as he accessed Mary’s bank account. For months, he had been secretly taking money from her, using the excuse that it was for his art expenses. He saw it as the necessary solution to fend off the blackmailer. Once again, he found himself in need of an additional $50,000.

«Mary won’t even notice,» he muttered under his breath.

As he started the transfer, right before he could end the call, the phone buzzed once more. The blackmailer made another call. Michael despised the artificial tone of the blackmailer’s voice, which was undoubtedly altered using a voice modulation application.

«Hey, Michael, what’s the hold up?»

I’m currently in the process of doing it. «You’ll get your money,» Michael said sharply.

A sinister chuckle escaped the blackmailer’s lips. «Just keep in mind, this is the final occasion. If you don’t succeed, your wife will have proof of your affair.»

«I know,» Michael responded, his voice filled with tension. «Once this is completed, we’re finished.»

After Michael pressed the last button to finish the transfer, a lingering sense of unease settled in. He couldn’t help but wonder when this hidden truth would finally catch up to him. After completing the task, he couldn’t help but be disappointed by the $0 displayed on the screen. He had no idea that it was not even close to being over. His tangled web of deception was tightening around him at an alarming pace.

After enjoying a few drinks, Michael made his way back to his room. He couldn’t help but make a move when he saw Lucy cleaning near the bed.

«Wow, now that my wife’s gone, we have this place all to ourselves,» he said, reaching for Lucy’s hip.

«Listen,» he whispered to Lucy, «we’ve got the whole night ahead of us.» However, the knocks persisted. Michael opened the door, fully prepared to send the person on the other side away. Surprisingly, Lucy was also at the door.

«Lucy?» «So, who’s in my room?»

He spun around to face Mary, wearing the identical uniform. Panic set in.

Mary raised an eyebrow. «Hey there, hubby!»

Hey Mary! «Wow, you look absolutely stunning,» Michael exclaimed with a hint of awe in his voice.

«Michael, you’ve been caught.» I’m pretty sure she was hiding under the bed this morning! Mary barked at him.

Michael begged. «Oh, it’s just a game, sweetheart. It’s not a formal or serious matter.

«That’s it, you sick creep! It’s game over for you!» In an hour, I want you out of my life and out of here!» Mary let out a frustrated exhale.

Amidst the confrontation, Michael found himself on his knees, pleading for forgiveness. However, Mary shifted her focus to Lucy. She sneered, «It’s time to fire someone!»

Even in the face of danger, Lucy couldn’t help but smile and burst into laughter. «Well, I’m not too bothered.» My sister Samantha has finally received the justice she deserves. Sometime’s life has a way of coming full circle,» she said mysteriously.

Michael and Mary exchanged puzzled looks as Lucy departed. Gradually, they began to grasp the truth. Lucy’s sister Samantha used to work as their maid. Lucy and Samantha struggled to make ends meet, relying on Lucy’s odd jobs and Samantha’s low-paying position as their maid.

Things took a turn for Samantha when she found herself pregnant and left by her husband. It was one of those days when things took an unexpected turn. Mary walked in on Michael and Samantha hugging in their bedroom, and her mind immediately jumped to conclusions.

Michael had the opportunity to prove his innocence. As for Samantha, instead, he opted to falsely accuse her of inappropriate behavior and cruelly neglected her pleas for help. He did it so he could cover up his real affair with another woman. And Mary didn’t listen to Samantha, either.

Samantha faced the devastating reality of being unable to find another job, which left her unable to afford the necessary treatment when her health started deteriorating. Tragically, she also experienced the heart-wrenching loss of her child. It was a heartbreaking tragedy when she couldn’t bear the loss of her baby and made the devastating decision to end her own life. Lucy was completely unaware of the extent of her sister’s struggles until the day she received Samantha’s last letter.

Micheal came to the realization that Lucy was the one behind the blackmail. Unfortunately, he was powerless to take any action. He had lost everything and felt completely powerless.

As Lucy left the hotel, she felt a sense of relief that she hadn’t let her sister down. Whispering softly, she looked up at the sky, her thoughts consumed by the act of seeking revenge for Sammy. She made the selfless choice to give the stolen money to a charity that supports orphaned children.

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