Instead of Reading Her Vows in Front of Her Family and Friends at Her Wedding, the Bride Reads Out Her Fiancé’s Affair Texts.

Picture yourself marrying the person you love most. It’s finally here — the day you’ve been eagerly anticipating for months. You stand at the altar, adorned in your beautiful wedding dress. However, the ceremony took a unique twist as you chose to incorporate your husband’s text messages into your vows.

A heartbroken woman experienced a devastating blow when she received messages from her fiancé’s mistress on the eve of their wedding. In a bold move, she made the decision to share these messages with everyone present at the altar.

This article was featured in Body + Soul in August 2020. Once upon a time, there was a woman named Casey who was filled with joy as she prepared to marry her beloved fiancé, Alex. They had been together for six years, and she truly believed he was the one.

Picture the expression on the groom’s face as his soon-to-be wife revealed a series of messages from his mistress during their wedding ceremony, leaving their loved ones in shock.


On a bride’s wedding day, it is truly a momentous occasion as she joins hands with the person she loves and has chosen to spend her life with, surrounded by their loved ones.

Surprisingly, she stumbled upon the shocking revelation that her soon-to-be-husband was being unfaithful, and the truth was unveiled through an unexpected anonymous text message.

Casey shared that she was donning her beautiful wedding dress as she took a moment to look at her loved ones gathered before her, their faces filled with joy and anticipation for her special day.

«I could feel it in my gut, the unavoidable end of my once perfect relationship, and the fact that everyone would be there to witness it,» she added.

Casey fondly remembered receiving the message the night before the wedding while she and her best friends were enjoying themselves in a luxurious hotel room.

Instead of receiving a text that wished her luck or congratulated her on her wedding, it came as quite a surprise when she received a series of screenshots from an unfamiliar number.

Alongside the images, there was a clear message: «I wouldn’t marry him. Will you do it?»

The screenshots contained her fiancé’s conversation with another woman, along with some selfies of them. She remembered the unfamiliar woman as being completely different from her, with blonde hair and fair skin, while the other woman had dark hair and an olive complexion.

Casey was taken aback by the messages, which were dated months and even days before her wedding. She couldn’t believe what she was reading.

«Every word pierced my heart, leaving me shattered as my wedding approached. It was quite an awkward situation — everyone had already made the journey and all the expenses had been covered. How could I possibly cancel?», she said.

Her friends were furious, discussing various forms of revenge against him. People suggested that the bride-to-be reach out to Alex and cancel the wedding, but she was too overwhelmed with shock and sadness to feel any anger, so she decided not to get in touch with him.

With unwavering determination, the woman pressed on with the wedding. As the ceremony began, she gracefully made her way down the aisle, adorned in the dress she had always envisioned.

«I stood at the front of the room, took a deep breath, and bravely shared the truth about Alex with our friends and parents,» she remembered.

During her speech, she revealed to the audience that the man she had once adored turned out to be someone entirely different. The crowd was taken aback by the unexpected revelation. The groom reached out to hold her hand, but she set aside her bouquet and revealed the phone she had been holding, reading each message she received from the anonymous number.

Alex was completely taken aback by the turn of events and remained silent throughout. Instead, he left the venue with his trusty best man in tow. His family was also deeply upset.

Afterwards, she addressed the guests and shared that instead of a reception, they would be having a celebration centered around themes of honesty, finding true love, and following your heart even in difficult times.

What are your thoughts on the woman’s decision to publicly share the anonymous messages she received at her wedding? Can you imagine yourself making the same choices as the bride if you found yourself in a similar situation? Feel free to share your thoughts and spread the word to your loved ones.

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