Suzanne Somers’ Husband Made a Spine-Chilling Confession Months After the Death of His Wife

Suzanne Somers, a remarkable figure in the entertainment industry, was not only an American actress but also an accomplished author and businesswoman. Her life story is a captivating story of overcoming challenges and achieving success. Suzanne’s journey, from her initial challenges to her eventual success, serves as a powerful example of the importance of dedication and resilience. Without a doubt, her star will continue to shine as brightly as her famous smile.

Suzanne embarked on her journey in the entertainment industry during the late 1960s when she made the move to California. She began her career as a model, making appearances in various television roles, and even had a short-lived gig as a prize model on the game show «Anniversary Game.» Her career soared to new heights when she landed the role of Chrissy Snow in the hit TV series «Three’s Company» in 1977. Her endearing portrayal of the charming, slightly innocent blonde character turned her into a household name and launched her into the spotlight. Her ability to deliver jokes with perfect timing and her irresistible charm quickly won over audiences, propelling her career to new heights.

In addition to bringing Suzanne fame and fortune, her life has also presented her with personal challenges, including her health. She received a breast cancer diagnosis and underwent a complex surgery to remove the tumor, along with various other intensive treatments and therapy. She experienced a range of health issues, such as injuries and a neurological disorder.

Regrettably, in 2023, she passed away a day before her 77th birthday. Alan Hamel, the surviving husband, shares a haunting revelation about the strange occurrences that took place after her passing. Continue reading to discover additional details about Somers and the subsequent experiences of her husband.

April 2000 marked a tragic turn of events for Somers when she received the devastating news of her breast cancer diagnosis. She underwent a lumpectomy, a surgical procedure to remove a breast lump, to eliminate her cancer, which was then followed by rounds of radiation therapy. However, Suzanne made the decision to decline chemotherapy despite her doctor’s recommendations. Instead, she opted for a fermented mistletoe extract known as Iscador. Following a series of treatments and surgeries, Somers shared in 2007 that she had successfully overcome cancer and was currently undergoing hormone treatment.

Although Suzanne was adored by numerous fans for her roles in movies and TV shows, her opinions on different medical topics sparked division and controversy.

Somers experienced significant challenges with her physical well-being, which sparked her curiosity in the health and wellness sector. In 2018, she suffered a hip fracture after leaping out of a private tram on her way home. In 2021, Somers received a diagnosis of hydrocephalus. However, unlike other celebrities who faced the same neurological condition, she did not undergo shunt surgery.

In July 2023, there was a surprising revelation that left many in shock — Somers announced the return of her breast cancer.

«It seems that my breast cancer has returned. Just like any cancer patient, the moment you hear those dreaded words, «It’s back,» a wave of anxiety washes over you. After wearing my battle gear, I embark on a fierce and intense battle. This is a familiar battleground for me and I am very resilient,» she stated to NBC News.

It was with great sadness that People Magazine confirmed the passing of Somers on Oct. 15, 2023. Her battle with breast cancer had taken a devastating turn as it spread to her brain. Her death certificate, obtained by The Blast, also noted that her hypertension and hydrocephalus were considered factors in her declining health.

Somers is survived by her two step-kids, her son, Bruce Somers Jr, and her devoted husband, Hamel.

In January 2024, Somers’ husband, Hamel, opened up to Page Six about the unusual occurrences he has been witnessing in his home since his wife’s passing in 2023.

«There were three significant events that took place. That day was incredibly odd,» he remembered. «At one point, a delightful hummingbird unexpectedly entered our home and gracefully explored every corner of the kitchen, living room, and dining room.»

A bird appeared and gracefully hovered in front of a framed photo of him and his wife. It then gently landed on top of the frame and remained sitting there.

During that exact moment, Hamel was startled when the fireplace suddenly ignited on its own. To add to the eerie atmosphere, music by Suzanne’s favorite composer began playing, a phenomenon that Hamel claimed hadn’t happened before.

While lying on the bed alone, Hamel expressed the feeling of his wife’s presence beside him.

«I have become a firm believer in the existence of an afterlife,» he continued. I’m absolutely certain about it. … I think there’s something we don’t understand. I think there’s a plane somewhere. … after we discard our bodies. We still have our soul. I think our soul is energy. The soul needs a place to go and something to do,» he added.

Hamel mentioned that his grandchildren had similar experiences as well. Amid all things, Hamel has one hope: “I hope it’s all true. It definitely helps to ease the grieving process,» and, «If that’s the case, we’ll be reunited.»

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