Parents Throw Their Teenage Son Out; 17 Years Later, They’re  Sure He Rents a Room, but Then They See His Expensive Home

A teenager who refused to follow in his family’s footsteps and become a doctor was kicked out from their house.
After leading a rather unconventional life, the man struck gold and achieved great success as an investment banker.
Years later, his parents asked to move into his house after he was accused of lying to them about his fortune.

In certain societies, it is expected of children that they would be submissive and respectful to their parents. Some parents are so strict that they make their kids clean houses, wash cars, and iron everyone’s clothes so that they don’t get hit with a broom.

This Reddit user had to go through a multitude of tasks and challenges. He decided to share his thoughts on Reddit, discussing the pressure he felt from his parents to follow their career plans. Being a doctor was the only approved career path in the man’s family. They came from a rich family history of doctors, and it was expected that he would carry on the tradition.

But at the age of 17, he broke the news to his parents that he had no intention of becoming a doctor. Instead, he expressed his desire to explore opportunities in acting, social media, and small business ventures. His parents were not supportive of his plan. They threw him out of their family home because they thought he was up to no good.

They were out of touch for a staggering 17 years. The man’s family relocated to the United Kingdom to support his siblings’ aspirations of becoming doctors. To the great joy of his parents, his older brother was accepted into a highly sought-after surgical program. He had an impressive expertise in diagnosing and removing spinal tumors, making him a highly skilled neurosurgeon.

He was told by his family that they were going back to Sydney, where he lived, during the COVID-19 outbreak. They made this decision so that his older brother could pursue a high-paying job.

Throughout the two years they reconnected, his parents never showed any interest in his career. The man felt that they presumed he led a typical life in Sydney. His parents may have been right — his acting career never quite took off. Surprisingly, he managed to pivot his career and found success as an investment banker, eventually becoming a partner at the bank he worked for.

During a day of house-hunting with his parents and siblings, they came to the realization that the communities they desired to live in were beyond their financial reach. Even though they were doctors, the price of homes in northern Sydney was staggering, exceeding $20 million. This posed a significant financial challenge for them.

They requested to see the man’s apartment before going out to supper. The man graciously agreed and warmly invited them into his home.

Upon arriving at the man’s home, his parents were immediately struck by the beauty of the house, assuming he must be renting a room. When they inquired about his rent, he promptly corrected them, proudly stating that he was the proud owner of the entire place.

His parents couldn’t believe it. They were extremely angry, accusing him of deceiving them for years and not showing his «likely illegally gained» riches in their presence. They decided to live with the man instead of his older brother because they didn’t want to be seen living in a house that was worse than his son’s.

The man scoffed. He gently reminded his parents that they had made the decision to provide support for their two other children, not him. He also told them they had a better chance of living with his neighbors than him.

When his parents threatened to cut him out of their will, the man simply shrugged, seemingly unfazed. «I made it clear to them that their financial situation doesn’t hold much weight for me, considering they can’t even afford to buy in my area,» the man explained.

Following the unpleasant conversation, the man’s parents decided to cut off communication with him. His siblings insisted that he should have taken the initiative to inform them about his financial situation. However, he defended himself by saying that he didn’t see the need to, considering that his LinkedIn profile was accessible to the public. Unfortunately, they never took the time to look it up.

The man began to question whether he had been too harsh in his actions. He didn’t feel any obligation to assist his parents after they cut ties with him for nearly two decades, only expressing interest in him once they discovered his wealth.

How would you have handled that situation? Would you have made a similar choice, or would you have responded in a different way?

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