The Skater’s Stunning Routine to ‘Alleluia’ Moves the Crowd to Tears

Figure skating has become an integral part of Taryn Jurgensen’s life, even though many people struggle with learning how to skate. As she stepped out onto the ice, she couldn’t wait for the song to begin. It turned out that she had prepared something magical. However, figure skating as we know it today was introduced by Jackson Haynes, often referred to as the «father of modern figure skating,» during the 1860s. He understood that skating should be more beautiful and meaningful.

Figure skating has a rich history that has seen continuous development. This captivating sport has given rise to true professionals in many countries around the world. Taryn seems to feel quite comfortable on the ice.

Her every move, every jump and lean, had been carefully practiced countless times. Tarina possesses a magical quality with its elegance, sharpness, smoothness, and expressiveness. Make sure to check out this video and remember to share this article with your friends.

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