Kelly Clarkson Surprises Audience by Inviting Officers on Stage to Sing, But then The Officers Surprise Her

At the Kansas City performance, Kelly surprised everyone by inviting some friends up on stage to sing a duet. Two cops from the Kansas Highway Patrol walked onto the stage fully dressed. They immediately took charge of the situation. Excitement filled the air as the two men in uniforms took the stage and performed the popular song «Stand By Me.»

As Kelly sang harmonies to their song, they stood in the background. It was clear that one of the police officers had a promising future in singing, as he effortlessly commanded the stage.

Midway through the song, the entire crowd was up on their feet, dancing and singing in unison. With a glass of wine in hand, Kelly cheered on the two men.

A police officer was asked to share his romantic story with his wife. It was really similar to a concert. Performing «Earth, Wind, and Fire» at a karaoke club, he caught his wife’s attention. Kelly agreed that he had a natural talent for singing, so it was reasonable that his wife had just noticed him.

Kelly proceeded to share with the officer about his ease and comfort while performing on stage. Allowing the police to sing served the purpose of bringing people together through the unifying power of music.

Check out the amazing performance right here!

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