A Game Warden Caught A Little Boy Fishing – HILLARIOUS!

«Could I see your fishing license, please?» the game warden asked the boy. «No, sir,» the boy answered without much thought. I don’t need any of those papers. These fish are my pets. The warden yelled, «Pet fish?» «Yes. I take my fish to the lake once a week to swim for a while. Then I blow a whistle, and they swim right back into my net. I bring them home then.»

The warden was not convinced and replied, «What a story! You’re under arrested.» Little Johnny said, «I’ll prove it, it’s true! It’s is something we do all the time!» The warden smiled and said, «We do, now don’t we? Prove it!» Little Johnny stood still while he let the fish go into the lake.

Sometime later, the warden asked, «Well?» «Well, what?» asked Little Johnny. The warden was confused and asked, «When are you going to call them back?» That’s when Little Johnny smiled and asked, «Call who back?» The guard was angry and asked, «The fish!» «What fish?» asked little Johnny  innocently.

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