I Got Emotional When I Saw What Was Written On This Teen’s Prom Dress

When Aubrey Haddon, a senior at Rochelle Township High School, decided to pick her parka outfit, she was determined to create something truly exceptional. Drawn by the courage of the 25 Marines who sacrificed their lives between 2010 and 2011 in her Illinois community, Aubrey envisioned a dress that would pay tribute to their memory in a beautiful and patriotic manner. The beautiful blue halterneck gown she designed, embellished with flowing red and white ribbons resembling the American flag, served as a heartfelt tribute to her memorable evening, sparking enthusiasm among those who saw it.

Her attire not only honored the Marines but also reflected the colors and essence of the American flag. The red and white ribbons were intricately intertwined on the backdrop of the blue fork.

Aubrey meticulously sewed red and white ribbons onto the blue canvas of her dress, creating a symbol of honor and respect. Her creation was elevated by a necklace that perfectly matched the Marine Corps uniform, adding a hint of edginess.

As Aubrey gets ready to start her college adventure pursuing fashion design, her commitment to capturing memories through her craft stays strong. In her vision of the future, she sees herself creating more special occasion dresses that carry significant emotional meaning, such as the dress she designed as a tribute to her award.

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