Super Excited 6-Year-Old Boy ‘Helps’ The Pastor Baptize Him — Hilarious Video

Captured on camera was a heartwarming moment when a young boy decided to assist the preacher during a baptism.

It’s a beautiful moment when someone chooses to welcome Jesus Christ into their hearts. It is such a wonderful time because that person is giving Him everything.

Today marks a significant moment as this 6-year-old has made a remarkable decision and is now standing at the front of the church, prepared to embrace a life centered on Christ. While the preacher addresses the congregation, the young boy watches with joy.

One can sense the sheer joy and excitement emanating from him as he eagerly anticipates being immersed in the water. However, it seemed that the boy’s excitement got the best of him. Just as the preacher was preparing to cover the boy’s face with a washcloth, the boy couldn’t contain his anticipation.

With determination, the 6-year-old exclaims, «I’m gonna do it!» He pinches his nose and dives into the water. With a triumphant shout, he emerges and the entire congregation bursts into laughter.

The pastor seemed uncertain about the next steps. This event is sure to be a memorable moment for this church. This little guy was certainly moved by the Spirit!

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