VIDEO: TV Anchor Bursts Into Laughter as Her Guest Experiences a Hilarious Mishap on Live TV

Many of us can relate to the struggle of keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology and apps, a challenge that is particularly tough for older individuals who didn’t grow up surrounded by constant tech updates. This difficulty was hilariously highlighted during an interview on Channel 9 News in Adelaide, Australia. Mark Borlace, from Australia’s Royal Automobile Association, found himself in a comical situation trying to change his Zoom background, creating a moment that left anchor Alice Monfries in stitches.

In the video posted on the channel’s Instagram, Borlace, with a smile and grace, attempted to fix the background, facing challenges and even unknowingly placing a party hat filter on his head. Despite the technical mishap, Borlace’s response was lighthearted, saying, «I’m going to log out and come right back in. Ok… good, awesome,» as Monfries chuckled. The channel captioned the video, emphasizing the challenges of navigating the virtual world.

Comments on the video expressed appreciation for Borlace’s good-natured approach, with one user stating, «Just love this! This guy is just a pure wonderful example of not taking life too seriously.» The news presenter, Alice Monfries, shared the video on her Twitter, mentioning she was «still giggling» and revealing the humorous side of the situation, including Borlace’s profanities.

RAA, recognizing the humor in the situation, reposted the video on its Facebook page, acknowledging the challenges of Zoom backgrounds even for their experienced staff.

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