I Ended My Engagement After My Fiancé’s Mother Imposed a Surprising Rule

A woman was all set to tie the knot with her long-term boyfriend, and it seemed like everyone was thrilled for her. However, things took a turn when the guy’s parents decided to interfere. The man’s mother’s unreasonable demands caused a split between the couple!

It started out like a storybook. When I met my fiancé in our senior year of college, we fell in love right away. It was like we had known each other before! He was unlike any other man I had ever met, and our relationship was truly extraordinary!

As soon as my fiancé popped the question, I enthusiastically said yes! Wow, he is absolutely amazing! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting his parents on a few occasions prior to the proposal, and I must say, they were truly delightful people. And his mother, Anna, touched my heart with her words:

«I’ve always dreamed of having a daughter like you. It brings me so much joy.» I couldn’t help but shed a few tears!

When we shared the news of our engagement with our families during a delightful lunch, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and everything felt absolutely perfect! His parents, especially his mother, always appeared to be incredibly supportive, so my partner and I wasted no time immersing ourselves in the exciting world of wedding planning.

Let’s dive into the whirlwind of wedding planning, where every detail from the dress to the venue was carefully selected to bring my dream wedding to life. However, just two days before the wedding, everything took a sudden turn when Anna called with news that would completely alter the course of events. She uttered the following words:

«Hey Lusie, you’ll be joining our family soon. But there’s one rule: if you really want to marry my son, you have to get your background checked for crimes.»

She went on to discuss about ten different analyses that I had to review in order to check for diseases! In addition to everything else, she insisted that I sign a document giving up any claims to their son’s assets obtained throughout our marriage!

Then, almost as an afterthought, she casually asked about our availability to meet and discuss the results on a free afternoon. It was more of a demand than a simple request. I was completely taken aback. I was overwhelmed with thoughts as I tried to make sense of what I had just heard.

It was an incredibly unsettling experience, a total invasion of trust and personal boundaries. I had never been involved in any criminal activities, except for a few traffic tickets, and the thought of undergoing medical tests and signing away my rights was absolutely disgusting to me. It felt as though I was being regarded with suspicion rather than as someone dear to them.

I hadn’t talked about this with my fiancé yet, but it didn’t really matter. This situation revealed a lot about possible future interactions with his family. It was impossible to overlook the glaring red flag. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was just a very bad case of «Shovel Talk» or if it really was as creepy and intrusive as I thought it was.

Even though Anna’s actions and requests made me feel bad, I still loved her son and chose to talk to him about what his mother wanted. He was just as shocked as I was! «She said what?» he asked, his face showing a mix of rage and confusion. He then made a note in frustration:

«I had no idea they would ever think about this. It’s… it’s just not fair.»

We found ourselves in a moment of intense emotion, with love, betrayal, and disappointment swirling between us. «I can’t commit to a family that lacks trust in me,» I said, my voice unwavering despite the inner turmoil. «And I can’t accept being treated like a criminal.»

My fiancé nodded, his face filled with seriousness. «I get it,» he responded, his voice filled with a burden of unexpressed sorrow. «I will always love you. But I see now… this isn’t about us. It’s all about control, and I can’t expect you to be involved in that.»

Ultimately, we made the difficult choice to cancel the wedding. It was a choice made with love and respect, ensuring a future free from judgment and norms.

When I think about what happened, it makes me remember how important it is for every relationship to have boundaries, trust, and mutual respect. I adored my fiancé, and in an alternate reality, we could have possibly found a way to make our relationship thrive. However, in this particular situation, love alone proved insufficient to conquer the challenges imposed by his family. I then left with a sad heart, feeling stronger and more confident for my future.

He promised to talk to his parents about what happened and give me feedback, even though we had chosen to break up. This man was someone I was prepared to spend the rest of my life with. However, we decided to maintain a close friendship without taking our relationship any further.

I decided to leave his apartment and started searching for a place to live that would fit my budget, preferably a communal living arrangement. Unfortunately, due to our prior financial commitments for the wedding, we were unable to receive a refund. However, I decided to hold onto the dress as a keepsake, perhaps for a future occasion when I find the perfect partner.

Was this as big a red flag as I thought? Definitely. Although it saddens me to end a relationship that held great significance, I am confident that it is the best choice for me. If anyone else finds themselves in similar situations, my advice is straightforward: Trust your instincts. When you have a gut feeling that something is off, it’s usually a sign that something is indeed wrong. Love should always be unconditional, respecting your dignity and freedom.

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