A Longtime McDonald’s Senior Employee Gets Special Nickname — The Reason Might Be Surprising

Barbara Cramer, a 75-year-old woman, has found more than just a job at McDonald’s. It has become her calling, and her years of dedicated service at the renowned fast-food chain have earned her the affectionate nickname of McLegend.

Finding a workplace and a job that brings you joy is a common desire. Unfortunately, many people find themselves stuck in a work environment that fails to meet their expectations, leaving them with little enthusiasm for the daily grind. Work is something that occupies a significant portion of most people’s lives. It’s important to find a job that truly resonates with you.

Barbara has truly made her mark at McDonald’s. According to the video posted on YouTube, she has been working at the fast-food chain for an impressive 53 years, showcasing her deep love for her job.

During an interview, Barbara shares that after relocating to Florida from New Jersey in 1970, she applied to two different places: a local school board and McDonald’s. She received a call from McDonald’s and has been working there ever since.

Throughout her extensive tenure at the company, Barbara has worked in a variety of roles, ranging from a crew member to a trainer and ultimately a manager.

“I just like working with a lot of people and the hours were good,” Barbara said.

According to her, she is often hailed as a legend and even her neighbors consider her a «celebrity.» Ricky Wade, the owner of the McDonald’s in Fort Pierce, Florida, where Barbara works, couldn’t help but sing her praises.

She also has no plans to give up her position at the home of Ronald McDonald. She firmly declares that retirement is not in her plans, confidently stating, «I’m staying.»

So, I’m curious, what does Barbara enjoy the most from McDonald’s? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by that answer.

«I used to enjoy eating salads,» Barbara reminisced. «I really miss having the salads on the menu.» Oh, and she’s a huge fan of McDonald’s coffee!

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