This Young Star Received a Standing Ovation, Even from the Judges — Can’t Get Over How Amazing She Is

Daneliya Tuleshova’s performance of ‘Tears Of Gold’ on America’s Got Talent left the judges and audience in awe.

At just 10 years old, this incredible vocalist from Kazakhstan embarked on her journey into the world of professional singing. She has quickly gained recognition by emerging victorious in the Ukrainian edition of The Voice Kids in 2017.

In addition to her performances on The World’s Best and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest of 2018, she has also made other notable appearances. Now, Daneliya is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase her talents on one of the grandest stages in the world.

As she made her way onto the America’s Got Talent stage, Daneliya appeared slightly reserved and uncertain. However, once the music began, her entire demeanor changed and she pleasantly surprised the entire theater.

Take a moment to appreciate her powerful rendition of ‘Tears Of Gold’ by Faouzia.

After the music came to an end, Daneliya gazed out at a crowd that was ecstatic, rising to their feet in thunderous applause. This young star received a standing ovation, even from the judges.

Simon could sense that this audition held a unique significance. “This was an incredible first audition. You’ve got a real real shot here.”

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