Pet Snake Missing for a Year Was Reunited with Its Owner — The Incredible Twist? Get Ready To Be Shocked!

After a year of being missing, a pet snake has miraculously found its way back home.

According to the BBC, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in the United Kingdom recently received a call about a corn snake that was found on a garage roof in a resident’s yard in Spennymoor, England.

In an interesting turn of events, RSPCA inspector John Lawson shared with the outlet that a three-foot-long snake was initially taken by a crow. However, the bird quickly changed its mind and dropped the snake, seemingly realizing that it had taken on more than it could handle.

It so happened that Agnus, the female reptile, was actually the missing pet of the resident’s neighbor. It had been a whole year since anyone had laid eyes on Agnus, who managed to make a daring escape from her home.

«After I rescued the snake, a resident living nearby came over and was absolutely delighted as it was her missing pet from a year ago called Agnus,» Lawson told the news.

He expressed his astonishment at the animal’s ability to survive both the crow attack and the harsh winter temperatures.

As per the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, snakes are ecothermic creatures. This means that they are unable to produce their own body heat and instead depend on their surroundings to regulate their body temperature. 
Following her difficult experience, Agnus received a thorough evaluation from a veterinarian and was provided with treatment for a respiratory infection caused by prolonged exposure to the cold.

«According to Lawson, the vet explained that Agnus had entered a state called brumation, which is similar to hibernation. In this mode, her body had temporarily shut down as a survival mechanism,» Lawson shared with the BBC. «It’s truly incredible how she managed to endure without any heat for such a long time — and even more astonishing that she made it through after a crow attempted to carry her away.»

As per the outlet, the RSPCA recommends that snake owners ensure their reptiles are kept in a securely locked enclosure when not being supervised, as snakes have a knack for getting away.

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