Tragic Loss: Pregnant Mother of Four Found Dead in Kansas City, Family Tries to Stay Strong as They Seek Answers from Police

A family is seeking answers after the tragic discovery of a deceased 26-year-old pregnant mother in Kansas City, Missouri, five weeks ago.

Elaysha Gilliam’s loved ones are grappling with immense grief and a desperate need for answers. In interviews with both NBC News and The Kansas City Star, they expressed their determination to remain resilient and find closure. Tragically, the mother of four was discovered lifeless in a field near Dunbar Park on Feb. 19.

Elaysha’s father, Ed Gilliam, expressed the immense difficulty of staying strong for the grandkids amidst the tragic loss of his beloved daughter. With unanswered questions surrounding her untimely death, the family grapples with the weight of their grief. Elaysha, who was 12 weeks pregnant at the time, leaves behind a void that is hard to comprehend.

According to NBC News, the Kansas City Police Department has been withholding updates from Elaysha’s family about her death, and there have been no arrests made in connection with the investigation.

«I really need closure and we are desperate for answers,» expressed Clydetta Gilliam, Elaysha’s stepmother, in an interview with the outlet. It seems that the police are taking their time, but I feel compelled to take matters into my own hands and solve the case on my own. They aren’t giving us anything.”

According to a statement provided to PEOPLE on Sunday, a spokesperson from the department stated that the investigation is still ongoing and no new information has been reported.

According to NBC News, detectives are currently offering a reward of up to $25,000 for anyone who can provide information related to the case. It seems that they are making significant progress in identifying a person of interest.

In a recent report by NBC News, they detailed the tragic discovery of Elaysha last month. According to the report, the mother had suffered severe injuries and was declared deceased by emergency responders. According to the outlet, her death certificate states that she passed away due to multiple gunshot wounds.

Elaysha’s father expressed his hope that those responsible for this would come forward and accept accountability for their actions, as he shared with The Star. “I hope that if anyone knows anything that they will do the right thing because my daughter was a beautiful person who didn’t deserve this.”

Gilliam has four children, whose ages span from 2 to 9. As reported by NBC, one has sickle cell anemia and the other eats through a tube.

The family has shared that Elaysha was known for her vibrant personality and infectious smile. They fondly remember her as someone who cherished time spent with loved ones, and her smile was so radiant that it could light up an entire street, according to multiple sources.

“We’re still at a loss for words. We don’t know what to think,” Elaysha’s 18-year-old brother Brandon said. «Death does happen, but the death took the wrong person.»

«I want my baby to receive justice,» Ed emphasized, while Clydetta mentioned to NBC that she was contemplating investing $2,000 in a billboard advertisement.

«I refuse to let them ignore this.» I want every single person charged,” she said, before adding: “People are starting to forget about her.»

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