The Boy’s Song Choice on AGT Was a Notably Bold One, But He Nailed His Rendition, Earning Standing Ovation from the Judges

On Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent on NBC, Julianne Hough couldn’t help but be blown away by 12-year-old singer Luke Islam, so much so that she pressed her Golden Buzzer.

Luke chose to perform She Used To Be Mine by Sara Bareilles from the musical Waitress. The Golden Buzzer left him completely overwhelmed, causing him to burst into tears on the stage.

‘I have this incredible dream of becoming a star and making it to Broadway,’ the boy excitedly shared with the judges just before he began to sing. 

His song choice was quite daring, considering that the lyrics were originally intended for an older woman to serenade her younger self. His heartfelt rendition moved everyone to tears.

Luke’s mother mentioned that her son has been going to Broadway shows since he was just six years old. He confessed to participating in ticket lotteries every weekend with the hope of attending more events. He’d seen Kinky Boots eight times alone.

«I adore the audience, the crowd, the stage, the props, and the costumes,» Luke passionately expressed. ‘I want to be up there. I want to do what they do.’

Julianne Hough was so impressed by his performance that she couldn’t help but hit the Golden Buzzer, securing his spot in the live shows in Hollywood.

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