After Taking His Disabled Daughter to Prom, Dad Discovers in His Mailbox a Check Marked ‘Dad of the Year’

A disabled girl who doesn’t have a prom date until the last minute is surprised when her dad takes her out. The reward he gets the next day in recognition of his love for his child transforms their lives.

«Hey Molly, look! Your dad is here!» someone from the funeral informed the 17-year-old girl, who was grieving beside her mother Daisy’s coffin.

Danny and Molly’s dad had gone their separate ways a decade ago. Since then, Molly had only heard bad things about her dad, like that he was a «drunkard» and other things.

Molly didn’t hold any resentment towards Danny, but she frequently longed for their father-daughter bond. However, Molly’s life was about to take a different turn after her mother’s funeral…

«Hey there, darling!» Danny warmly hugged his daughter, showering her with affection, before delicately placing a beautiful wreath on his ex-wife’s final resting place.

«Excuse me, is that truck yours?» It’s taking up a significant portion of the parking space. Could you please move it?» a guest asked Danny, who was a truck driver.

«Yes, that’s my truck.» Just give me a moment. I just had the pleasure of meeting my daughter. I hope you understand. Thank you!»

Danny was thrilled to meet Molly. Throughout all these years, the only connection he maintained with her was through the child support payments. Daisy always kept Molly away from him, worried that he would have a negative impact.

The funeral had concluded, and everyone left. Danny gathered up Molly’s belongings and informed her that they would be heading to his place.

«But why, dad? I can’t leave this house. This was our home. It’s a collection of cherished moments that I hold dear.»

Molly was frustrated with Danny’s lack of attentiveness. He knew he couldn’t leave his daughter alone because she used a wheelchair a lot of the time when she didn’t need crutches. Molly had a noticeable limp, which stemmed from a condition in her left leg that she developed at a young age.

After two days, Molly decided to live with her dad. She found solace in the cozy, lived-in atmosphere of the house, which made her feel embraced and part of something special.

As time went on, Danny found it increasingly challenging to assist Molly with her tasks. Because he never witnessed her growing up, he didn’t have the skills needed to handle various tasks, such as braiding her hair. He watched videos online to learn how to do it. But that was not all.

He cleared out his bedroom to create a cozy sleeping area for Molly. He went ahead and purchased a cozy new bed to ensure she could get a good night’s sleep. Danny went above and beyond to ensure his daughter felt comfortable, but he had a mysterious habit of vanishing into the night.

Molly was completely clueless about her dad’s late-night whereabouts once she drifted off to sleep. She could only assume he was hanging out with his friends at the pub, just like her mother often mentioned.

After a few days, Molly made her way off the school bus and walked into their home, tears streaming down her face. She discovered that the door was locked. There was a note tucked behind a plant. «The keys are under the pot. I’ll be back in no time. Goodbye! — Dad.»

Molly frowned as she reminisced about her mother’s stories of her dad’s peculiar evening routines. She raised her brow, wondering why her father would be out drinking so early in the afternoon.

Hours went by, yet Danny never made it back home. Molly prepared a delicious pasta dish for herself and even saved some for her dad. She found herself on her bed, tears streaming down her face.

«If only I was normal, I wouldn’t be the odd one out. I wish I had found a date for the prom.»

Molly’s teacher surprised them with news about their upcoming senior prom. Molly was the only one in her class who hadn’t found a prom date. No one seemed to be interested in giving her a chance. She wondered who would be willing to dance with someone who had a limp.

Molly’s cries echoed through the house, reaching Danny’s ears the moment he stepped inside.

«What’s the matter, sweetheart?» What’s the matter? Why the tears?»

Molly shared the details of the prom with him. «I don’t have a date. I approached a few boys, hoping that one of them would be willing to share a dance with me at prom. Unfortunately, they declined my request and found amusement in the situation. I really don’t feel like going to the prom, dad! I want to be alone! Goodnight!»

Molly turned her back on Danny and pretended to sleep, but her pillow was wet with tears.

Danny couldn’t bear to abandon his daughter while she was in distress. On the following day, he went out and purchased a stunning prom dress for Molly. On prom day, Molly received an unexpected and emotional surprise. Her father was accompanying her to prom.

A crowd of senior students and their parents gathered outside the hall, their attention captured by the thunderous roar of an engine.

Danny leaped off the truck. He placed a wheelchair gently on the grass and kindly assisted Molly in getting out. With all eyes on him, he confidently guided the wheelchair down the red carpet, leaving the crowd in awe.

Danny and his daughter took to the dance floor, moving to the rhythm of the music. He gently lifted Molly into his arms, twirling her around in circles, perfectly in tune with the enchanting night filled with music. Molly experienced a heartwarming moment of joy as her dad lovingly swayed her in his arms, momentarily forgetting about her disability.

«My dad is truly my hero.» He is my absolute everything, the person who holds my heart above all else. I can’t even express how grateful and honored I am to be his daughter,» Molly exclaimed to her friends after the dance.

Meanwhile, Danny became the show stealer. He was the center of attention, with parents gathering around to shower him with praise and applause. Danny proceeded to provide some insight into his personal life and his daughter, unaware of the profound impact that evening would have on their future.

Danny and Molly arrived back at their house, excitedly discussing the enjoyable time they had. After tucking Molly into her bedroom, Danny quietly slipped out of the house.

It was surprising to discover that Danny had taken on an additional role as a caregiver at a nearby nursing home. In addition to his part-time job as a truck driver, he put in extra hours to save up for his daughter’s medical expenses. When Molly’s disability was diagnosed years ago, Danny and Daisy were met with discouraging predictions that she would never regain her ability to walk.

However, a doctor gave them reassurance that he would provide treatment for the girl and help her regain her ability to walk. After bidding farewell to his wild nights out with friends, Danny decided to take on the challenge of juggling two jobs.

Daisy had misinterpreted his intentions and believed he was squandering his time at the pub. Danny attempted to convey his thoughts to her, but she consistently doubted his words. Their relationship came to an end soon after due to her persistent uncertainties and intense disagreements. Danny never paid much attention to anything else, as his sole focus was on saving money for Molly’s surgery. He dedicated himself to working tirelessly for the next several years.

Recalling his past always brought a sense of pain to Danny. Even that night, as he drove to work, he couldn’t escape the haunting words his ex-wife had spoken. After a long day at work, he finally made it back home, little did he know that a delightful surprise was waiting for him and Molly.

When Danny got back home from work that morning, he was pleasantly surprised to discover a package waiting for him in his mailbox.

«A parcel??» «I wonder who sent it,» he pondered. The card proudly proclaimed: «Dad of the Year!»

Upon opening it, Danny discovered a generous check for $10,000, accompanied by an additional note:

«Dear Danny, we sincerely hope that this will greatly enhance your daughter’s quality of life. Wishing you all the best for her surgery, and may you have the opportunity to spend quality time with her during the evenings. Warm regards, Your Prom Companions!

Danny realized the parents he’d met the previous night were behind this. He couldn’t help but cry tears of happiness as he excitedly told Molly the wonderful news.

«Oh, really?!» Wow, dad…This is absolutely incredible! She laughed and cried on his shoulders.

Molly was finally able to undergo her surgery thanks to the money Danny had saved and the generous $10,000 check. She made great progress and eventually regained the ability to walk without crutches.

In a surprising turn of events, Danny made the decision to leave his second job in order to prioritize spending quality time with his beloved daughter. She was awarded a scholarship to pursue architecture in a different state and was scheduled to depart in three months.

Danny was determined to maximize the limited time he had with Molly. He shared his knowledge of cooking, dancing, cycling, and running with her. All he desired was for his daughter to embrace a life of normalcy, leaving behind the memories of relying on a wheelchair and crutches.

What can we learn from this story?

Nothing compares to the love that a parent has for their child. Danny went above and beyond to assist his daughter in learning to walk. He tirelessly worked two jobs to save money for her surgery, going above and beyond by even taking her to prom when she didn’t have a date.
A father is truly a superhero in the eyes of their children. In the face of discouragement from others, Danny remained steadfast in his determination to help his daughter regain her ability to walk. He was the ultimate source of inspiration and a true hero in her life.
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