Excited to Be a Grandmother: Katie Couric Reveals the Touching Meaning of Her Grandson’s Name

Katie Couric, the renowned journalist and former co-host of Today, has recently entered the wonderful world of grandmotherhood. She excitedly announced on Instagram that her daughter, Ellie Dobrosky, recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world.

Ellie, 32, and her husband Mark joyfully welcomed their beautiful baby boy, John Albert Dobrosky, into the world on Saturday, March 23rd, at 8:23 am. “He will be called Jay in honor of his maternal grandfather. Albert is after Mark’s paternal grandfather,» the proud grandma writes in the caption.

Becoming a grandma is truly a remarkable and cherished experience. Witnessing your child’s journey into parenthood is a truly remarkable milestone. Witnessing the growth and development of those little ones is truly heartwarming. Katie Couric is already embracing the joys of being a grandma, evident from the heartfelt post on her website.

The Unique Name for the Little One

“The John is for all the Johns in Ellie’s life: her father, John Paul Monahan; her grandfather, John Martin Couric; her uncle, Johnny (I’ve called him that since we were little); and her stepfather, John Paul Molner. Our family tree is overflowing with J’s!» She writes, going into more detail regarding the name.

In the Instagram post, it was revealed that Jay is pursuing Ellie’s father and Katie’s late husband, who sadly lost his battle with cancer in 1998. «He would be absolutely ecstatic to meet his namesake,» Katie exclaims, mentioning Jay Monahan.

It’s truly remarkable to see how a child can honor the memory of a departed loved one. Their legacy can be carried on by future generations.

Katie Couric’s joy over becoming a grandma is palpable. She expresses her enthusiasm for witnessing baby Jay’s growth and development. She eagerly anticipates the adventures ahead, from sunny days at the beach to quiet afternoons at the library. The thought of sharing an ice cream cone and experiencing his first Broadway show fills her with excitement.

So, what will little Jay end up calling Katie? «Gogo,» she exclaims, inspired by her friend’s choice of name. «It felt appropriate because I’m constantly on the move, like the Energizer Bunny. That sounds like the ideal grandma name!»

What a joyous occasion for the new family of three! And how exciting for Katie Couric as she embarks on her new journey as a Grandma. It’s such a remarkable period in their lives.

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