College Student Loses Legs and Gets Arrested for Insurance Scam — Details

In our modern society, insurance scams have unfortunately become quite prevalent. It seems that certain people have a strong desire to obtain financial gain without putting in much effort, while insurance companies are determined to safeguard their assets at all costs.

Something quite unusual happened recently in Taiwan, catching everyone’s attention. Chang, a college student, has been accused of committing insurance fraud in a manner that has left many people utterly astounded by the extent to which he went.

In his claim for $1.3 million, he stated that his legs had been amputated due to frostbite. According to his story, he was cruising through Taiwan on his scooter during the chilly weather when he suffered from a serious case of frostbite.

It turns out that the scooter ride wasn’t actually the culprit behind the frostbite. After subjecting his feet to a bucket of dry ice for 10 hours, he experienced the unfortunate consequences of severe frostbite and a complete loss of feeling below the knees.

Following the amputation of both his legs, he diligently pursued the eight insurance policies he held, ultimately securing a substantial sum of $1.3 million. It didn’t take long for the insurance company to figure things out, though, since he had only recently bought the insurance coverage and the claim came in not long after.

Ultimately, Chang faced charges for allegedly engaging in insurance fraud by asserting that his legs had been amputated due to accidental frostbite.

When insurance companies have doubts about an insurance claim like this, they may investigate its legitimacy. Chang shared that a fellow student informed him about the pursuit of gang members, which led him to pursue the funds through an insurance claim.

Chang and his classmate were also classmates in high school. They had lost touch after attending college, but they reconnected and became close once more.

Chang is now disabled because of his attempt to defraud the insurance company.

Based on the indictment, they hopped on their scooters to buy some dry ice. Afterwards, they returned to the residence, where Chang was securely tied to a chair with cable ties.

After immersing his feet in the bucket of dry ice for 10 hours, he experienced the unfortunate consequences of severe frostbite and narcosis below the knee.

After that, he was rushed to the emergency department at a nearby hospital and received a week-long treatment. He unfortunately lost both of his legs below the knees.

He received over $7000 through insurance claims, but unfortunately, the other insurance policies were discovered to have been purchased shortly before the claims. As a result, they refused to provide any additional compensation.

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