The Judge Drops The Hammer On Dad Who Bit His ‘Ungrateful’ Newborn Baby 6 Times

Mistreating a child is absolutely inexcusable, and it’s no surprise that the public reacts strongly to such cases. Recently, there was a disturbing incident involving a 26-year-old man who was found to have mistreated his own daughter.

In a recent development, Gavin Rogers has been sentenced and will be serving time in jail. This comes after he pleaded guilty to domestic battery. In a shocking turn of events, the sentence was handed down after he disciplined his newborn daughter, resulting in the discovery of mouth-shaped bruises on the infant.

Rogers made an appearance in court on March 28, where he attempted to negotiate a plea deal that yielded some degree of success. He has been sentenced to one year in prison and will be placed on supervised probation for two years as a result of the crime.

Reports indicate that Roger and a female companion took the two-week-old infant to a hospital. Upon discovering the numerous bruises and teeth marks on the baby’s body, the medical staff promptly reached out to the authorities.

Initially, Roger mentioned the possibility of having kissed the baby and causing the marks. However, the severity of the injury indicated the use of force that would have caused significant pain.

The nursing staff also observed concerning behavior when they overheard Rogers describing the baby in a negative light. When the baby cried, he got frustrated.

After a few days, the nurse noticed something interesting — she observed how the father and baby interacted and noticed a difference in the child’s behavior when he was in the father’s care compared to the mother’s.

During another instance in the room, Rogers had the baby unclothed and resting on his lap. According to the affidavit, the baby seemed to be physically cold and was crying as the individual observed and recorded videos of her crying. “I am not comfortable entrusting this baby’s care to (Rogers).”

The hospital staff also observed that he grew frustrated when the daughter cried, prompting them to provide him with information about the risks associated with shaking a baby.

During the police interview, Rogers mentioned that he had been staying with the baby and her mother for a couple of weeks. However, his usual place of residence was with his parents in Greencastle. It was approximately 50 miles in distance.

He said in another interview that he had given the baby «love bites» and that he might have «nibbled too hard.»

Following his arrest, he spent three months imprisoned and another nine months under community corrections.

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