Father-Daughter Duo Singing ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ Is Too Adorable

Looking for a little mid-week motivation? Look no further than Ellen DeGeneres, who has once again brought us a heartwarming performance from the beloved father-daughter singing duo.

In their second appearance on «The Ellen DeGeneres Show,» the adorable 4-year-old singing sensation, Claire Crosby, and her dad, Dave, delivered yet another heartwarming performance that captivated the audience. In their latest performance, the duo chose to serenade the audience with the beloved Disney song «You’ll Be In My Heart» from the movie «Tarzan.»

The Crosbys have already performed renditions of songs from popular Disney movies such as «Toy Story,» «Beauty and the Beast,» «Tangled,» and the recent hit, «Moana.» We just can’t get enough of these absolutely adorable performances! And let’s not forget about the incredible variety of Disney songs available to choose from. It’s truly a magical experience!

But what adds an extra touch of sweetness to this song choice? Phil Collins penned this beautiful song as a soothing lullaby for his beloved daughter, the talented actress Lily Collins.

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

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