9-Year-Old Magician, The Amazing Shoji Delivers Cool Card Magic! Watch the AGT Clip Here

Season 16 of America’s Got Talent showcased some truly remarkable performances. We’re incredibly excited to experience everything, from the mesmerizing voices to the captivating magic shows.

Aspiring kid magician Shoji from New York tried out for the America’s Got Talent competition. His fans are excited to see his act on the show.

Even though this will be his debut on America’s Got Talent, the charming nine-year-old magician has already showcased his talents on other TV shows.

He recently made an appearance on Kids Say The Darndest Things, hosted by Tiffany Haddish, and it’s safe to say that he looked right at home on the screen. His charisma and effortless connection with the host endeared him to countless people.

It’s interesting how this kid defies the norm by fearlessly asking Tiffany about Kevin Hart’s whereabouts. Perhaps he assumes that the two Night School actors are inseparable.

Leaving the audience in stitches, he couldn’t resist putting on a show for the crowd, who were absolutely amazed by his incredible talents despite his young age.

We want to wish him the very best of luck! Hopefully, he will captivate the audience and have the opportunity to return, as we would be thrilled to have him perform repeatedly.

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