A Golden Retriever Gets Annoyed by Its Doggy Sibling and Does This to Teach Him a Lesson. Check Out the Video

There’s something about the word siblings that captures both love and hate in just two syllables. It’s fascinating how we can simultaneously feel such deep love and protection for our siblings, while also finding opportunities to playfully annoy them. It seems that this complex relationship extends beyond just humans. Take a look at this heartwarming video featuring a pair of Golden Retriever siblings. This video has captured the hearts of online users and is sure to bring a big smile to your face.

The video can be found on an Instagram page that is all about two adorable Golden Retriever dogs named Xena and Finn. The caption of the video posted on Instagram reads «A day in the life: little brudder edition.» A text insert on the video reads, «How to be an annoying brudder.» In the video, Finn can be seen playfully pestering Xena by nibbling on her arms and legs, twirling around her, and even plopping down on top of her. He even takes a moment to inspect her breath. We won’t be sharing any more details, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the video.

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