Baby Stops Breathing Mid-Flight, Sending The Crew to Do the Impossible to Save Her Life… WATCH

Ian works at Fox 35 in Orlando, Florida. He was on Spirit Airlines Flight 1691 from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Orlando when he heard a noise a few rows ahead of him. The flight was about 30 minutes long. A young mother needed help because her baby had stopped breathing.

To save 3-month-old Anjelé, the flight crew urgently requested medical staff to come to the front of the aircraft. Ian and the other passengers had to wait for a very long time, hoping that someone qualified could help.

Tamara Panzino has dedicated over two decades to her career as a nurse. She was sincerely hoping for the presence of another doctor or nurse on board, as she mentioned her preference for avoiding unnecessary drama. When no one else did, she knew she had to act properly.

Tamara began by gently massaging the baby’s legs and chest, providing her with oxygen. After a few agonizing seconds, Anjelé eventually regained the ability to breathe on her own.

Tamara later conveyed to Ian, «In moments when you need to take responsibility and make the right choice, you simply have to.» It was just a happy story, and I felt great after hearing it.

The father proudly lifted the baby, showcasing her joy and contentment as they prepared to board the flight to Orlando. Tamara received high praise from everyone on the plane when they erupted in cheers to celebrate the successful outcome.

Ian had a conversation with Anjelé’s parents once they arrived, and it was clear that they were still deeply affected by the recent events.

Ian shared on Twitter that the parents of three-month-old Anjelé were deeply shocked and had never encountered a situation like this before. The passengers on the plane were full of praise for the amazing feeling and admired Tamara’s courageous act of the woman.

He also praised the flight attendants for maintaining their composure in such a testy circumstance.

It’s truly touching to see how people come together when it matters most. We are so grateful to have Tamara on board! Her willingness to help out is truly invaluable.

Check out the video for more information:

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