Man comes home to find ‘humiliated’ wife crying behind closed door because his nieces…

A guy heard his wife crying in their bedroom, the door shut. He asked her as she opened the door, «Tell me what happened.» When she told him what had made her cry, he went into the kitchen and lost it on his 16-year-old nieces. His wife was crying, and he begged her to tell him what was wrong.

His wife had been on treatment as the doctors diagnosed her with cancer. Her beautiful hair was lost as a result of the medication’s harmful effects. She decided to wear a wig to boost her confidence and feel more comfortable with her bald head. One morning, she woke up and discovered that her wig was missing.

The individual shared their experience from the Reddit «AITA» thread while choosing to maintain their anonymity. He wanted to get some feedback from other users to determine if he was wrong for this.

His wife was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, resulting in hair loss. She felt self-conscious about going out in public with a bald head. She opted for a wig that closely matched her natural hair, knowing that her hair would take a while to grow back. Her husband encouraged her to wear it and gave his approval. However, the man’s sister was going through a tough time, too. She found herself without a home following her divorce. She reached out to her brother, seeking his support in finding a new place for her and her twin girls to live.

The man graciously allowed his sister and nieces to move in with him, as he couldn’t find any valid reason to refuse. Little did he know what lay in store for him in the coming days. When the man’s nieces came to live with him, they couldn’t help but be captivated by his wife’s wig. They were curious about the reason behind her choice of wearing it and were insistent on trying it on and experiencing it.

Additionally, the girls asked the woman if they could change it and see what happened. The woman was adamant about wearing her wig, as she didn’t feel at ease being without it in their presence. After a few days, the man arrived home from work to the sound of his wife’s tears echoing from their bedroom. Despite his efforts to push and turn the iron doorknob, the door stubbornly refused to budge.

After being called multiple times, she finally dragged herself out of bed and reluctantly opened the door. «What happened?» Curiously, he asked, «What’s the reason behind your tears?» The woman gestured towards the door with frustration evident in her voice as she exclaimed, «They’ve taken my wig!» Upon further investigation, he discovered that his wife’s wig had been taken by his nieces, who had no plans to return it until she went out of her room without it. They whipped out their phone to capture a video of her as soon as she asked for it back.

When she saw their phones, she ran to her room and locked herself in. Despite the persistent knocking, she remained steadfast in her refusal to open the door. The man was furious after hearing this story. He angrily left the bedroom and entered the kitchen to confront the girls. The girls were initially confused, but eventually they decided to give him the wig. He scolded them and said that hiding the wig from his wife was hurtful and humiliating.

His sister stepped in and said that his wife might be exaggerated, and the girls told her it was all in good fun and she didn’t need to feel bad about it. However, the man made it clear that the girls were at fault because they had recorded his wife, who was already feeling uncomfortable without a wig. His sister seemed uninterested in his arguments and accused him of overreacting.

The man became increasingly frustrated as it seemed that neither the girls nor their mother were willing to acknowledge any wrongdoing. He had a heated argument with his sister and insisted that she leave his home immediately.  

According to the man, their reaction was quite emotional and desperate when he informed them about the eviction, as they seemed to believe he was not being serious.

He thought it would be the best decision to ask his nieces to leave, considering how they made his wife feel uneasy. They persisted in pleading even after he denied them permission to stay. He decided to share the incident with other Reddit members to determine if he was at fault. «NTA.»

A user named Aunty Fascist said, «They’re sixteen years old, old enough to know better and know that what you do has consequences.» According to her, the girls should be expelled from the house as they were the ones responsible for disrespecting the wife, who was not in good health. A Reddit user named Gypsy_teacher said that even her 6-year-old son would have understood if she had told him that she didn’t feel good without a wig.

«If my son ever pulled a stunt like that at 16, I would definitely take some serious measures,» the mother exclaimed. Megalush, a Redditor, expressed that her 7-year-old child would never intentionally cause harm to someone. She was convinced that even her three-year-old child outshone those sixteen-year-old girls.

According to the opinions of Redditors, it seemed that the man was not at fault. Instead, they thought that because what they had done was wrong, he was responding wisely by asking them to leave.

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