My Sister Invited Me to a Fancy Restaurant, But When It Was Time to Pay the Bills, She Disappeared into the Bathroom

A woman was overjoyed when her sister, who had recently relocated to a town nearby, extended an invitation for a dinner outing. Surprisingly, she was caught off guard when she disappeared right when it was time to settle the bill.

Wild-Eggplant1780, a Reddit user, couldn’t contain her excitement when she found out that her sister was moving closer to her. She was filled with excitement at the prospect of creating lasting memories and enjoying precious moments together.

«My sister recently moved to a charming new town, and guess what? There’s a vibrant shopping center right around the corner, packed with an amazing variety of shops and restaurants that are just waiting to be explored.» The Redditor had a favorite fancy place that she and her husband liked to go to.

Because of the restaurant’s higher price range, the Redditor and her husband didn’t visit the place often for dinner. It would usually cost them between $200-$250, which was quite expensive for them. However, when her sister invited them for dinner, she suggested they try out the upscale restaurant.

Given the restaurant’s slightly higher prices, she recommended that her sister check out the menu in advance to make sure it fits within her budget. She also noted the abundance of other amazing and affordable dining choices.

However, the sister was determined to give the restaurant a try. The Redditor was overjoyed to have the chance to dine there once more after a lengthy absence with her spouse. Her sister’s boyfriend joined them, and they all had a lovely dinner as a family.

Once she had finished her meal, the sister politely excused herself to use the restroom. However, she took a considerable amount of time, which made her boyfriend worried and prompted him to go and check on her. As time went by, the boyfriend continued to be absent.

The Redditor and her husband went to see how they were doing and found out they had left. Feeling completely confused, she reached out to her sister through texts and calls. Finally, her sister replied with a heartfelt message, expressing her gratitude for the dinner and confirming that it was just as amazing as she had mentioned.

Once again, she and her husband were completely perplexed. The woman continued to message her sister, expressing her frustration about being left to cover the bill without any prior agreement. However, the sister remained silent.

This person on Reddit gave her sister a strong warning. They said that if her sister didn’t pay her bill at the restaurant within 30 minutes, this person would pay for her and her husband’s legal fees and let the restaurant take legal action.

Finally, after thirty long minutes, the woman kept her word. She shared her sister’s information with the restaurant and paid for both herself and her husband. Surprisingly, the sister was skeptical about the woman’s intentions to skip out on paying her bill. The next day, she called her number with a blend of frustration and anger, expressing her annoyance at the constant calls from the restaurant demanding payment for her share of the meal.

The Redditor displayed no hint of remorse. She stated, “I’m not surprised since she skipped out on her bill.” But her sister reasoned that she usually paid for their dinners. She also mentioned:

As the conversation unfolded, it became clear that she had assumed I would foot the bill. However, when I requested separate checks from the waiter, she suddenly excused herself and hurriedly made her way to the restroom, seemingly plotting her escape.

According to the woman, she mentioned that she had only paid for dinners that amounted to a total of $60, rather than a hefty $450 bill for a party of four. For extra credit, she told her sister that she had asked her if she was sure about the spot because it was so expensive. And on top of that, she never agreed to pay.

So, the woman advised her sister to go to the restaurant and pay her bill before getting the police involved. Nevertheless, the sister stood her ground and insisted that Redditor should foot the bill, concerned about the potential for embarrassment.

The woman was resolute in her position, declining to cover the food expenses and insisting that her sister take care of it. Things started to heat up, and the whole family got caught up in the drama. After some time, the Redditor found herself in a situation where she felt compelled to take care of the expenses.

Feeling unsettled and annoyed by her sibling’s behavior, she sought guidance from fellow Reddit users on whether it would be reasonable to decline payment and involve the police at the restaurant.

Several commenters voiced their support for the way the Redditor handled the situation. She received a lot of praise for her decision not to cover the expenses for her sister and her boyfriend. A number of online users voiced their discontent with the sister’s presumption that she would foot the bill for their expensive meals.

When dining out, it’s usually the norm for the bill to be split evenly among everyone, unless someone has already volunteered to foot the bill. Furthermore, it was noted that given the sister’s invitation for dinner, it was reasonable for the Redditor to assume that her bill would be taken care of.

A unhappy commenter expressed doubt about the sister’s age and suggested that such behavior is typical of a teenager. The person online mentioned that they would probably refrain from dining out with them in the future or even meeting up with them.

The woman mentioned that she and her sister were both in their 30s. She mentioned that her sister always had something to say about her earnings. The Redditor mentioned that she was able to save more money than she spent, and at times, she felt like she was just a «piggy bank» rather than a sister.

She remembered a moment from the past when her sister’s boyfriend excitedly displayed his brand new car, and she nonchalantly remarked that she was also contemplating getting a new one. Then her sister chimed in and said, «You make xxx; you can definitely afford that car,» which left her feeling as though her sister only saw her for her financial status rather than as her sibling.

What do you think about the Redditor’s choice to decline payment and contact the authorities at the restaurant?

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