Fans Don’t Recognize 51-Year-Old Star Alyssa Milano in New Swimsuit Pic: ‘Don’t Botox Your Face!’

In a recent photo that Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano posted online, some social media users have commented that they are unable to recognize her. She uploaded several pictures, the first of which was her in a bikini. Five days ago, Alyssa Milano, 51, star of «Charmed,» posted a carousel of pictures to Instagram with her and her spouse, David Bugliari, having an amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas with close friends. The public was most interested in the cover shot out of all of the photos.

Milano and Bugliari were captured in a delightful moment, relaxing in a hot tub. Milano looked stunning in a swimsuit and beach hat. Sharp-eyed social media users were quick to notice the noticeable change in the actress’s appearance, with some advising her to reconsider using Botox.

One Instagram user asked, «That’s Alyssa Milano?» while another said, «That doesn’t look like her.» A second commenter said, «I don’t know who that is, but it’s not Alyssa Milano.»

Some people couldn’t resist giving their unsolicited opinions on the star’s appearance. «Please, avoid using Botox on your face!» You are starting to look like those people who do,» urged an onlooker. Commenting on her outfit, another person scolded, «Please cover up, it’s inappropriate,» while a Facebook user said, «Looks like she forgot half of her top at home…»

One social media user found breast implants to be quite a peculiar concept… The user seemed confused as they asked, «What happened to her face?» In the midst of all the negativity, there was a fan who gushed, «You two make such a beautiful couple.» These photos are absolutely stunning.» Aside from the controversial swimsuit photo that sparked a lot of debate among social media users, Milano also posted other adorable pictures from the couple’s vacation. The photos captured precious moments of her enjoying a day at the beach with her friends.

Despite thoroughly enjoying their vacation with friends, Milano and her husband couldn’t help but feel slightly overshadowed by the negative feedback she received on her post. Although Milano has received numerous comments about her altered appearance and use of Botox, she has always been candid about the cosmetic procedures she has undergone.

During a TikTok video she posted in 2021, the talented star of «Who’s the Boss» shared her secret to maintaining her beauty. When a fan asked about her wrinkle-fighting products, she graciously offered her answer. «Botox,» replied the mother of two, who had previously followed the low-carb Atkins program to achieve her desired weight, before playfully winking at the camera.

In a video posted a month later, Milano took the time to respond to a question from a user on social media. The individual was sarcastically questioning if Milano had remembered to take her medication, with the intention of provoking her.

After responding to the comment, Milano brought up Botox again, saying, «I think it’s time that we destigmatize medication for mental health, uh, like we’ve destigmatized, uh, I don’t know, say, Botox.»

Apart from being upfront about using Botox, Milano—who previously acknowledged that having two children meant she had to «work a little harder» to stay fit—has also been upfront about the normal physical changes age has caused to her body. In celebration of her 48th birthday, she decided to share a stunning selfie without any makeup. Alongside her post, she took a moment to reflect on the changes she has experienced.

«When I walk, my body makes buzzing sounds. My daughter recently asked me why my butt tends to jiggle. Occasionally, I tend to have moments where I forget things. I constantly feel exhausted. But overall, I’m just grateful for this life. My life,» read a part of her caption.

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