Keith Urban Invites An 11 Year-Old Fan to Sing With Him on Stage and She Wows 20,000 Strong Crowd Live In Concert And Goes Viral Online

Keith Urban often selects talented fans from the crowd and invites them to join him on stage. However, there was one girl who completely captivated the audience as soon as she took hold of the microphone. Lauren Spencer Smith, an 11-year-old sensation, captivated the audience with her breathtaking rendition of «Make You Feel My Love.» The young girl radiates with talent, and when she and Keith harmonize, it creates a truly enchanting experience.

At Sunfest 2015, Keith Urban took the time to acknowledge Lauren before inviting her on stage, showering her with heartfelt compliments. «She has an incredible little voice and she’s only eleven,» Keith remarks. “And I really wanted to sing with her so badly.” Keith frequently hosts contests where lucky fans, the winners, have the opportunity to sing with him on stage.

Despite not winning, Lauren’s talent was so impressive that he couldn’t resist singing with her. The excited child eagerly anticipated an experience that would fulfill her wildest dreams.

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