Adele Stops the Show to Tell Security to Leave Fan Alone — Watch the Video

Adele showcased her profound bond with her fans by interrupting her performance to protect a fan who was being mistreated by security. While attending her performance at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, a passionate fan named Juan Pablo Lastra couldn’t help but stand up and sing along. However, security repeatedly urged him to take his seat.

Adele, feeling frustrated by the security’s excessive actions, decided to pause her performance of «I Drink Wine» to address the situation. She asked from the stage, «What is happening with that young fan who has been facing so much trouble for standing up since I arrived?» Why is everyone bothering him?» Afterwards, she told the security to stop bothering him, reassuring him, «They won’t bother you anymore, darling. You enjoy the show.”

Juan, who was documenting the event using a 360-degree camera, managed to capture the moment. The footage he captured gained rapid popularity, attracting attention from around the world. The video, shared on his TikTok account, has gained a significant following with over a million views across multiple uploads. Following Adele’s intervention, the security guard quickly backed off, and a senior security staff member assured Juan that he was okay and didn’t need to take a seat.

The audience expressed their support for Juan by cheering enthusiastically after Adele’s defense. This incident occurred during her residency at Caesars Palace, showcasing Adele’s dedication to her fans.

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