Toby Keith’s Son Starts Crying as Jason Aldean Pays Tribute to His Late Dad at 2024 ACM — Watch the Video

It broke the hearts of thousands of people around the world when Toby Keith died. The late singer was an incredible performer, captivating audiences with Hissoulful songs that will continue to resonate for eternity.

The country music industry is now paying tribute to the loss. Continue reading to discover what brought tears to his son’s eyes.

At this year’s Academy of Country Music Awards, Toby Keith’s life and legacy were rightfully celebrated, paying tribute to his status as a true country music legend. Jason Aldean delivered an unforgettable performance that left a lasting impression.

Blake Shelton kicked off the performance. As Shelton introduced the act, he spoke fondly of Keith, describing him as a devoted husband and a doting father.

Keith’s son, Stelen, sat among the audience alongside his sisters Shelley and Krystal. Tricia, Keith’s wife of 40 years, was also in attendance at the event.

Shelton proceeded to introduce Aldean, a close friend of Keith, who delivered a heartfelt musical tribute in honor of his late friend.

Aldean, perched on a humble stool with a guitarist by his side, delivered a heartfelt rendition of Keith’s 1993 hit «Should’ve Been a Cowboy.» The performance evoked a strong emotional response from the entire theater. During Aldean’s performance, captivating images of Keith were projected onto the screens behind him. A heartwarming image appeared on the screen, capturing Keith’s radiant smile as he stood surrounded by his loved ones.

As the camera shifted, his family came into view. Stelen, his son, and Tricia, his wife, were visibly moved, tears streaming down their faces, as they watched the heartfelt tribute.

Keith sadly lost his battle with stomach cancer on February 5, 2024, after fighting for over a year. He passed away at the age of 62.

Stelen also honored his father shortly after his passing by sharing a nostalgic photo of him on Instagram, accompanied by a poignant caption.

“You are the strongest man I have ever known. A fighter. A true titan of your industry. My guiding star. My coach. My hero,” Stelen said in his caption. «An epitome of the American Spirit. You are a man whose strength, prowess, and talent could only be trumped by his ability to be a father and husband. Your impact is forever stamped on the world and on millions of people, yet not one person knew you the way I did.”

He ended his caption with, “It’s not goodbye forever; it’s just goodbye for now. I love you, cowboy.»

Take a look at the stunning performance below. Feel free to share it with other fans too.

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