I Don’t Want to See My Bridesmaids Ever Again After I Kicked Them Out of My Wedding

Our reader’s joyous day quickly turned into a devastating nightmare. She had carefully organized every aspect, fantasized about this moment for years, and gathered the people she held closest to her heart — her three closest friends, or so she believed. However, the blissful anticipation she felt moments before walking down the aisle was shattered by something she overheard.

«I have three amazing friends who I absolutely wanted by my side on my special day as my bridesmaids. They assisted me in selecting a wedding dress and once we discovered the ideal one, they complimented how stunning it looked on me.

During my wedding day, I found myself needing to use the restroom and overheard one of my bridesmaids making some unkind comments about my dress, sense of style, and body. The other one added, «Her face isn’t any better. «Why did he even get married to her?» I threw the door open with a surge of frustration, causing them to fall silent and fix their gaze upon me. I told them to leave my wedding and never show their face again.

My family always considered my «friends» to be very «nice girls,» so they never believed me. They claim it’s simply my pre-wedding nervousness.»

What would you advise our bride to do after this heartbreaking incident? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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