When I Found Out My Husband Had Been Cheating on Me, I Planned a Brutal Revenge

When trust is broken in a marriage, it can have deep emotional and psychological effects, sometimes leading to violent responses. In a recent incident, a married woman discovered that she had been deceived for a significant amount of time. Instead of acting on her emotions, she carefully crafted a strategic plan for seeking revenge. However, she is seeking guidance from our readers to figure out if she is heading in the right direction.

«My husband David and I have been married for almost five years, but we haven’t started a family yet. It’s been almost a year since I stumbled upon a conversation between my husband and another woman on our shared tablet, which happened to be synced with his phone. After delving deeper into the matter, I discovered that he had maintained a secret relationship with his ex-girlfriend throughout our four-year marriage.

I found out later that my husband had settled for me. He had developed strong feelings for his high school girlfriend, despite his parents’ disapproval. Despite their protests, he remained by her side throughout university. At some point, his parents reached a breaking point and warned him that they would stop supporting him financially if he persisted with the relationship. We crossed paths not long after. I developed strong feelings for him, but it seems that he never felt the same way.

In addition, we had a prenuptial agreement that was strongly encouraged by his parents.

I was fully dedicated to our marriage, so naturally, I didn’t voice any objections. Basically, if our marriage were to end in divorce within the first 5 years, I would not be entitled to any assets. However, once the 5-year mark is reached, assets will be divided equally between us, provided that I am not the reason for the divorce.

Discovering this act of betrayal filled me with a mix of anger and deep sorrow.

Despite my intense anger, I made the conscious decision to stay calm and recall the age-old saying, «revenge is a dish best served cold». After much contemplation, I came to the decision that I could handle another year of his unfaithfulness, especially since I had been through four long years of it without even realizing.

So I planned my payback for a whole year.

Throughout this period, I carefully collected evidence. I made sure to capture screenshots of their messages and saved all the evidence, just in case he tried to deny his actions when confronted, whether it be in front of his parents or in a court of law. In the meantime, I have managed to secure an apartment for myself. Over the past 11 months, I’ve been putting on a brave face, acting like everything is business as usual, even though deep down I’ve been struggling.

As our 5th wedding anniversary draws near, I have taken the step of instructing my lawyer to prepare the required documents. This includes providing evidence that the prenuptial agreement has expired and that our assets are to be divided. I plan to surprise him by sending the divorce papers the day after our anniversary.
I am fully committed to ensuring a secure financial future for myself. It’s clear that no matter what explanations he might offer, I would never be able to forgive him. Being upfront about what I discovered would only be a futile effort. However, a sense of guilt is creeping in as I find myself caught between the decision to confront him now with what I discovered a year ago or patiently wait for another month to stick to my original plan.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you have to offer.»

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