I Want to Leave My Wife Since I Accidentally Overheard Her Talking to Her Friend About Me

A Redditor shared personal stories that had a profound impact on his life. But after surviving a life-threatening cancer, he didn’t expect to confront the reality of losing the one constant in his life.

A married man who had a disease that changed his whole life was thankful that he still had his wife even though he had lost a lot of his abilities. However, he unexpectedly encountered one of his greatest fears.

The Redditor shared his thoughts and emotions on the «Off My Chest» sub, expressing his realization of his wife’s true feelings for him, even though it made him feel like the villain.

The Original Poster (OP) had endured a grueling ten-year struggle against a debilitating degenerative illness. His once joyful life was transformed into a constant struggle of physical pain, medical procedures, medications, and reliance on a wheelchair.

The OP mentioned that his walking distance is limited to 20 feet and h has difficulty carrying anything heavier than a few pounds. Over the past decade, he had gradually lost touch with the activities that used to bring him joy. In the midst of his challenges, the one constant in OP’s life was the lasting presence of his beloved wife.

The wife of the Redditor consistently went above and beyond to show her support for him. While OP acknowledged her efforts, he frequently reminded her to inform him if anything she did for him became overwhelming. However, since she never mentioned anything related, OP assumed she had no issues at all.

As OP was putting on his shoes in the hallway, he couldn’t help but overhear his wife engaged in a conversation with her friend. Apparently, she thought he was already gone to pick up their son from Airsoft practice. 

He heard his wife say that she was sick of watching him and getting tired of helping him with things because he couldn’t do them himself. The OP was completely captivated and continued to listen with shock. Within an instant, he caught wind of yet another heartfelt admission from her that shattered his heart completely.

The wife openly expressed her desire to engage in intimate relations with someone who embodies masculinity. She didn’t try because she didn’t want to be blamed for leaving her sick husband. Her words completely devastated the OP. «A real man? What does that make me?» he painfully reflected.

The OP was aware of his wife’s frustrations and annoyance towards him, but he was taken aback to discover that she had such a low opinion of him. Feeling deeply wounded, he made his way to the kitchen and deliberately let his tumbler fall, making his presence known.

When OP’s wife noticed that he had returned, she hurried to make sure he was okay. He told her he would be back to get his water bottle when he really meant to go fight his worst feelings by himself.

After careful consideration, he opted to simplify things for his wife. He would act like the bad guy so that no one would blame her for leaving him. He was going to lie to his wife about having an affair with another woman, so she would be happy.

However, upon hearing his story, people cautioned him against making hasty decisions, suggesting that his wife may have simply been expressing her frustrations. «It’s worth noting that the wife’s emotional state at that time may not necessarily reflect her true feelings,» commented another Reddit user, highlighting the fact that everyone experiences negative emotions and passing thoughts when they are upset or frustrated.

The person said, «While hurtful, I don’t think she necessarily has been pining away for you to disappear just because she’s venting to her best friend.»

A fellow commenter agreed and recounted their own experience of their mother frequently venting about their father’s terminal illness, echoing the sentiments expressed by OP’s wife. …but ultimately, she’s simply expressing her frustrations. «She loves my father with all her heart…Everyone has moments when they need to express their frustrations about their loved ones, but deep down, there is still a strong bond of love,» the individual clarified.

In the end, OP was resolute in his desire to bring happiness to his wife and provide her with all the things he couldn’t previously offer. Although he was aware that his fake relationship would harm her, he also thought it would liberate her from potential criticism. «She’ll be free from guilt…She will no longer be with me,» he painfully asserted.

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