The First Look He Didn’t Expect — Wife’s Dad Plays Silly Prank On Husband-To-Be

There are countless beautiful moments to capture on a wedding day. One of the most popular moments is when the groom catches his first glimpse of the bride in her dress, just moments before the ceremony begins. There are countless videos available online capturing these precious moments, often evoking tears of joy. Sydney Ward’s initial impression, however, brings tears of laughter, all thanks to her dad.

As Sydney’s husband-to-be gets ready to see his stunning bride, her dad puts the finishing touches on an epic prank. Instead of Sydney showcasing her stunning appearance, Dad intends to be present in her place. What’s truly remarkable is that he’s dressed up just like a bride, complete with a beautiful white dress. Needless to say, this groom is taken aback by what he sees when he turns around!

@sydneynicoleward Still not over it😂😂 my dudes 🫶🏽 #wedding #weddingdress #goodwill #weddingday #firstlook #bride #goodwillweddingdress #weddingprank #fyp #foryou #funny ♬ Bridgerton (Wildest Dreams) — The Theme System

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