Couple Dance to Classic Old-School Song “Do You Love Me” in Their Living Room, and It’s an Absolute Blast

As soon as this video starts on YouTube, the iconic 1960s hit «Do You Love Me» starts playing. When the music begins, for those first moments, all viewers are greeted with a minimally decorated room.

In the video, around the 10-second mark, a man and a woman make their appearance. From the very start, it’s evident to any observer that they have a well-organized dance routine prepared.

The man and the woman stand where they are supposed to, about a foot apart and in the middle of the frame. As the chorus kicks in, the two people confidently showcase their moves!

They glide effortlessly, seamlessly transitioning between backward, forward, and side-to-side movements with perfect synchronization. As a refreshing twist, they also incorporate some snaps to complement the rhythm of the timeless song.

They both joyfully sing along to the song’s lyrics as they dance around the room together. From the enormous smiles on their faces, it’s clear that they’re having an absolute blast!

The nearly three-minute clip is a ton of fun. The couple’s dance routine is truly impressive, showcasing the hours of dedication and practice they must have put into it.

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