People Are Loving This Amazon Delivery Driver for Warning a Woman That Her House Is Unsafe — VIDEO

Being an Amazon delivery driver is no walk in the park. Enduring traffic, enduring extreme temperatures, enduring the task of hauling boxes… not exactly an enjoyable experience. When a driver takes the time to be exceptionally considerate, it doesn’t go unnoticed by others.

A delivery driver has gained widespread attention for her unique approach to delivering a dose of safety education, coupled with some playful advice. Jessica Huseman, who had just moved into her new home, shared the TikTok video of the meeting, which has since been seen more than 4 million times.

In this clip, we get a glimpse of the doorbell cam capturing the driver as she make her way towards the house. As the delivery driver arrives at the front door, she cheerfully sings, «Hello… I hope your Monday’s going well. You have no markers on your house that says what number you are.”

After that, the driver’s song takes a different turn, transitioning from a lighthearted joke to a useful and helpful advice.

Watch the video below and share it with your friends to spread this important cautionary advice.

@_jesshuseman We just moved in and this happened today…she’s not wrong though. Guess I need to get some house numbers. #amazondelivery ♬ original sound — _jesshuseman

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