My ‘Objection’ Joke Ruined My Best Friend’s Wedding — Should They Forgive Me?

An unexpected interruption from a wedding guest disrupted the couple’s special day, turning their dream wedding into a chaotic scene.

In a viral Reddit thread, the groom’s best friend shared the story of a joke that almost ruined the couple’s special day.

“I just went to my best friend’s wedding,” the author shared on the widely-read “AmITheA–hole” forum. «We crossed paths while taking pleasure in some intense Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter battles online, only to discover that we were both residing in the same state,» the aspiring comedian elaborated. «He had a strong fascination with the game character Mileena, and I would often playfully joke with him that he seemed more obsessed with her than with his longtime girlfriend, who is now his wife.»

At the ceremony, when the priest uttered the customary phrase, inviting any objections from the wedding party, a mischievous friend whispered to a friend, jokingly suggesting that «the groom might still have time for Mileena.»

Regrettably, the groom’s ligh-hearted friend drew the bride’s mother’s attention, leading to a heated confrontation. She began shouting, demanding to know who Mileena was, and accusing her daughter’s fiancé, whom she had always supposedly disliked, of infidelity.

«I was completely embarrassed, and so was the groom, especially when it appeared that the priest might halt the wedding,» the writer admitted in a post that has since been deleted but continues to receive comments from both supporters and critics. It resulted in an incredibly embarrassing situation that I’ll never forget. I found myself standing in front of the priest, desperately trying to explain my ill-advised joke using my phone. I had to confess that the person I had mentioned was nothing more than a fictional character.»

Now, his closest friend, the groom, refuses to communicate with him — and the wife absolutely despises him. Yet, he isn’t sure he’s fully to blame.

«I explained the situation to the priest to ensure the wedding could proceed smoothly. It’s hard not to wonder if the whole issue could have been avoided if the bride’s mother hadn’t overheard. This leads me to ask myself, ‘Am I the a–hole?'» he pondered.

Passionate people on social media engaged in a lively debate in the comments section, with some expressing agreement that the friend was at fault, while others placed the blame on the mother-in-law.

“I would say NTA [not the a–hole],” one person said, jumping to his defense.

It seems that the joke you shared at the wedding was meant to be kept between you, your friend, and someone else who happened to overhear it.

«NTA,» another person agreed. «Whispering jokes during ceremonies is a common occurrence. It’s normal. It’s quite unusual to take something you overheard in a whisper out of context and start screaming about it at a wedding.»

“Wow. You really ruined a whole wedding for something so bulls–t,” one bridal loyalist chided.

“YTA objecting at a wedding is serious thing and valid reason to refuse to marry the couple that day. It’s as bad as bomb jokes at the airport,” someone else commented.

“YTA. Someone chimed in, pointing out that «the in-joke was made at a highly inappropriate time and place. It would have been more appropriate to wait for a time when none of the other guests could overhear, but instead you chose to bring it up in the midst of your friend’s wedding. Not cool.»

The intense comments appeared to lead to the deletion of the original post, although it will forever be preserved by a Reddit moderator bot.

The «AITA» subreddit has ignited intense discussions in the past, particularly when it comes to weddings.

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