A Husband and Wife Are Awoken at 3 AM by a Loud Pounding on the Door

One night, a married couple was abruptly awakened from their sleep by an intense pounding on their front door. It was 3 AM, and the noise startled them both.

From the bedroom window, the husband gazes out at the pouring rain.

As he glances outside, he spots an unfamiliar car parked on the street.

He gets up to answer the door, where a drunken stranger, standing in the rain, asks for a push.

The husband exclaims, «Not a chance! Do you know what time it is? Go away!» With a forceful thud, he slams the door shut and retreats back to the comfort of his bed.

«Who was that?» asks his wife.

«Just another drunk guy asking for help,» he grumbles.

“Did you help him?” she asks.

«Of course not. It’s 3 AM and pouring rain outside. I told him to get lost.»

His wife responds, «Do you recall what happened around 3 months ago when our car suddenly stopped working and left us trapped? Remember those two guys stopped to help us? That man needs your help and you just left him out there? You should be ashamed of yourself. Go and help him immediately!»

«Fine,» grumbles the husband. He reluctantly puts on his clothes, goes downstairs and heads out into the pouring rain.

«Um, excuse me? Are you still around?» He shouts into the darkness.

«Yes!» a voice cheerfully responds.

«Do you still need a push?» the husband calls out.

«Yes, please!» comes the response from the shadows.

«Where are you?» asks the husband.

The drunk man replies, “Over here on the swing set!”

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