A Son Took His Mother to a Nursing Home, Where He Visited Her From Time to Time

Have you ever stopped to think about the idea that the consequences of our actions have a way of coming back to us? Many times, we engage in actions without fully realizing their impact on others. Fortunately, life has a way of reminding us to be more thoughtful.

Following the loss of his father, a man made the difficult choice to move his mother to a nursing home as he felt unable to continue caring for her. She wasn’t satisfied with her situation and he rarely came to see her, only on occasion.

One day, he received a call informing him of his mother’s declining health. She didn’t feel at all. It appeared as though she was experiencing the final days of her life.

The son arrived promptly at the nursing home. He immediately went to his mother’s room and asked if there was anything he could assist her with.

The mother gazed directly into his eyes and expressed that she had a few requests. Upon hearing that, he eagerly expressed his willingness to fulfill her last desire.

The mom then explained that she wanted the fans replaced because they were not functioning properly and she would occasionally feel suffocated. «If you could also consider replacing the refrigerator…» She mentioned that there were times when she went to bed hungry because the food had expired…

The son was taken aback. He thought that his mother wasn’t aware that she was dying. Curious, he asked why she hadn’t shared that information with him earlier. Now it was too late.

The mother then looked in his eyes and said, “I know I will die, but I think of you when your children won’t want you next to them either… And you’ll find yourself right here…Then, you’ll discover more favorable circumstances… What you offer is what you get… Don’t forget that.”

These words shattered the son’s heart. He realized his mistake in leaving his mother at the nursing home, despite her objections.

It’s important to always remember that we have a duty to ensure our parents enjoy their later years to the fullest.

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