My Twin and I Were Completely Shocked by Our DNA Test Results

My brother and I happen to be fraternal twins.

We recently chose to take a DNA test just for fun to see how our genes were alike and different. In terms of genetics, fraternal twins share some genes just like regular siblings. However, the results indicated a complete lack of compatibility between us, which seemed highly unlikely.

After suspecting a potential mix-up with the samples, we decided to retake the test. However, the outcome remained unchanged. We were both perplexed. Curious to find answers, we approached our parents to ask about their past experiences with genetic tests, hoping for some insight into the unusual results. When we asked, they exchanged glances and remained quiet. Mum finally said those tests aren’t accurate, so we shouldn’t have done one.

Curious to gain some clarity, I took the initiative and paid a visit to the hospital where we were born. I was glad to find out that my mom, my twin, and I are all listed in their records. However, I was taken aback when the nurse made a surprising statement. She looked directly at me and said, «Hmm, hold on a moment, Mrs. Anna — my mother — is only recorded in our files for one birth. There is no record of her delivering twins.»

Upon receiving this information, I quickly made my way home in a state of panic, eager to confront Mom. As tears welled up in her eyes, she revealed a long-kept secret that my dad and she had kept hidden from my twin and me for all these years.

It was quite a shocking revelation to discover that my mom is not my biological mother, and to top it off, the person I thought was my twin is not actually my brother. I was born the same day as him, but my real mother died while she was giving birth. It seemed as though I had been set for adoption, as my biological father remained a mystery and my birth mother arrived at the hospital alone. Upon hearing the heartbreaking news, my parents were profoundly moved and made the spontaneous decision to adopt me, treating me as if I were their own son’s twin.

Everything I knew fell apart in an instant. It’s surprising to discover that the person I believed I had such a close bond with is not even a blood relative. It’s truly astonishing how my entire existence turned out to be a lie! I suddenly feel disconnected… I’ve reached a point where I can no longer tolerate living with people who have consistently deceived me throughout my entire life.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance as I am feeling quite lost at the moment…

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