Unlucky Husbands (Funny Story)

Two longtime friends reunited after years apart. «Catch me up,» said one eagerly, «How’s your son doing?»

«Oh, my poor boy,» sighed the mother, shaking her head.

«Let me tell you, he’s had quite the ordeal with his marriage. He ended up with a wife who wouldn’t lift a finger around the house. All she does is lounge in bed, sleep, and read. Can you imagine? He’s even become her personal breakfast butler, serving her in bed every morning.»

«That sounds absolutely dreadful,» sympathized the friend. «And what about your daughter?»

«Well, she’s the fortunate one,» the mother replied, her tone brightening. «She married a true gem of a man. He won’t allow her to lift a single finger in the house either. Every morning, like clockwork, he brings her breakfast in bed. All she does is sleep as long as she wants and relax for the whole day.»

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