Kelly Clarkson Talks About the Mean Comment Her Ex-Husband Made About Her Body and How She Lost Weight

Following seven years of marriage, Kelly Clarkson and her husband decided to part ways. In the midst of their increasingly tumultuous divorce, Kelly bravely opened up about the hurtful remark her husband made about her appearance and shares how she navigated through the pain. Fans have also taken note of the American Idol winner’s apparent weight loss, and the singer is graciously sharing her secrets.

Kelly Clarkson achieved a major legal victory against Brandon Blackstock, causing a stir in celebrity circles. In 2020, their seven-year marriage came to an end, and during that time, allegations arose regarding Brandon’s supposed misconduct in securing contracts for Kelly. Throughout their marriage, she successfully managed her professional career by securing deals for The Voice, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), Wayfair, and the Billboard Music Awards.

He was asked to repay a staggering $2,641,374 in commission to her. A contentious custody battle erupted over their two children, River Rose, aged nine, and Remington «Remy» Alexander, aged seven. Their Montana ranch was also a source of conflict. The couple now shares custody of their two children.

Kelly shared her desire to join The Voice’s panel with her then-husband and manager, Brandon. According to her, she had been expressing this to him for a long time, but he constantly discouraged her. He mentioned to her that the executives were seeking someone sexy, similar to Rihanna, and might not find her attractive. In addition, he mentioned that the executives were seeking more diversity and felt that she shared too many similarities with Blake Shelton.

After some time, Kelly found herself joining The Voice, but her husband’s remark continued to linger in her mind. “… a wife doesn’t forget a time she gets told she’s not sexy, so that stays,” she commented, recalling the incident.

In addition to discussing her legal battles, Kelly Clarkson opened up about her incredible transformation and the journey she took to achieve her weight loss goals. Embracing a healthier lifestyle, she credits her transformation to adjustments in her eating habits and physical activity. The singer, who currently lives in New York City, attributes walking in the city as a major form of exercise. Clarkson shows her dedication to overall health by trying out physical activities like infrared baths and cold plunges.

When it comes to her diet, the singer prefers to keep things balanced and moderate. Clarkson shares insights into her dietary preferences, highlighting a balanced mix that prioritizes protein. With a nod to her Texan heritage and her proud love for all things meaty, she playfully extends an apology to those who prefer a vegetarian lifestyle.

Alongside her diet and exercise routine, Kelly attributes her weight loss success to her doctor. She shares that she began following her doctor’s advice, which proved to be the key to her successful weight loss journey. Kelly struggled with weight loss in the past. She faced challenges with thyroid and autoimmune conditions that hindered her weight loss efforts. She adhered to a dietary plan that specifically targeted those concerns.

Clarkson has faced criticism regarding her body image during her time in Hollywood. In a recent interview, the original «American Idol» shares her insights on the pressures of the industry and how she landed her coaching role on The Voice by staying true to herself. She passionately emphasizes the significance of artists pushing against societal norms, advocating for the triumph of personality and authenticity over superficial expectations.

«I was cast on the No. 1 television show when I was at my heaviest point, shortly after having kids. Surprisingly, it seemed like my weight was not a concern to them…»It had nothing to do with my sex appeal or my look aesthetically. It was all about me as an individual. I believe it’s ultimately the responsibility of artists to encourage people to adopt that mindset.»

Kelly indulges in her favorite desserts whenever she pleases. She likes being single and never wants to get married again.

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