Some Fans Are Shocked by Jennifer Aniston’s New Look at Age 55, Asking, «What Has She Done to Her Face?»

Jennifer Aniston made a stunning appearance at the Emmy FYC event for her critically acclaimed drama, The Morning Show, over the weekend. Her captivating look was impossible to ignore.

However, despite the consensus that the actress looked absolutely gorgeous in a sleeveless, deep red dress, paired with a matching ruby pendant, there were some lingering doubts about her overall appearance. Namely, what sort of plastic surgery (if any) she has undergone in recent months.

The 55-year-old portrays TV anchor Alex Levy on The Morning Show, and the Apple TV+ series has garnered immense popularity.

Aniston’s reputation has seen a surge in recent years, thanks in part to the success of the show and her iconic past as a star on a highly successful sitcom. Aniston’s career has remained consistently strong, but her stock has undeniably risen since The Morning Show aired.

It’s quite remarkable to think that in just five years, Aniston will be celebrating her 60th birthday, especially for those who remember her from the Friends era.

Time passes quickly, as they say, and even the most successful celebrities inevitably show signs of aging.

Well, it’s definitely not something that most of them readily embrace. On the contrary, people who have unlimited financial resources often go to great lengths to combat the effects of aging, particularly when it comes to their appearance. They willingly undergo various procedures and treatments in an effort to maintain a youthful look.

By the way, there were rumors circulating that Jennifer Aniston had visited a renowned plastic surgery clinic in Connecticut not too long ago, leading to speculation about possible cosmetic procedures.

The clinic being discussed, The Retreat At Split Rock, is known for their expertise in upper and lower face lifts, which can range in price from $50,000 to $100,000. They also offer brow and eye lifts, which typically cost around $30,000 each.

It’s unclear whether Aniston received treatment, as celebrities rarely share such personal information. However, it is evident that there are quite a few people online who have doubts about the authenticity of her appearance.

After her recent appearance at the Emmy FYC in New York on Sunday, some people couldn’t help but notice that she had a different look.

«What has she done to her face?» one commenter questioned in the comments section of a Daily Mail article.

A second added: “Jen is desperately trying to hold on to her old Friends looks. It’s impossible, she’s much older now […]’

“Her face looks weird because of all the work she has had done. She would have looked better with less,” wrote another one.

What are your thoughts on Aniston’s appearance at the event? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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