Mom Starts a Firestorm on the Internet When She Says She Won’t Return Her Shopping Cart

Dr. Leslie Dobson, a clinical and forensic psychologist in California, unintentionally sparked a debate when she expressed her thoughts on the importance of returning shopping carts to their designated areas.

However, the mother of two managed to capture the attention of millions when she posted a 16-second video on TikTok, which quickly became a viral sensation.

«I’m not returning my shopping cart and you can judge me all you want,» Dobson stated defiantly from the comfort of her vehicle. It’s frustrating when I have to juggle getting my groceries into the car, getting my children settled, and then going back to return the cart. If you want to give me a dirty look, then f— off.»

Dobson explained to that she created the video with the intention of empowering people to trust their instincts and not feel obligated to return their shopping carts if they feel unsafe.

According to Kids and Car Safety, in 2023, a staggering 265 children were unfortunately abducted during car thefts.

Although Dobson’s intention was to create a public service announcement, many interpreted her clip as a prime illustration of «the shopping cart theory.» This theory suggests that a person’s moral character can be assessed based on whether or not they choose to return their shopping cart.

«I totally agree with the shopping cart theory. Perhaps the return was just on the other side of the parking lot, or even directly opposite from where you parked. Either way the theory holds true.”

«Mother of three, ages 6, 3, and 9 months. After unloading the groceries, I make sure to return the cart with the kids and then load them back into the car. Same way that we got out of car. Simple.”

«I always say the shopping cart is the best way to find out what kind of person you are …even when I have a baby with me to return the cart.»

“How did your children manage to reach the shopping cart without any mishaps?» Did you leave them in the car by themselves and go get the cart? Did they move around easily enough that they didn’t need a cart?»

Although I understand her concern for safety, I believe there are alternative methods to both returning your cart and ensuring the safety of your children. What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on our Facebook page.

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