At 80, Robert De Niro Was Slammed as «Washed Up» by a Heckler… His Savage Response Is Going Viral — Check What He Said Here

In a recent incident, Robert DeNiro attempted to address a critic’s personal and professional attack before resorting to a full-blown confrontation. Unfortunately, his initial warning shot went unnoticed.

The lead actor in The Godfather, known for being vocal about his political beliefs, recently found himself in a heated exchange with supporters of Donald Trump. Furthermore, DeNiro did not back down from the Little Fockers who annoyed him, and labeled the demonstrators as «gangsters.»

Continue reading to discover DeNiro’s response to a bold fan who criticized his movies.

Throughout his extensive career, Robert DeNiro, a native of New York, has established himself as a highly esteemed and influential actor, leaving an indelible mark on the industry for over six decades.

The 80-year-old man, known for his iconic portrayal of a young Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II (1974), has achieved remarkable success in various film genres, including crime, comedy, and drama.

In 1984, the star of Goodfellas served as the inspiration for a song called «Robert DeNiro’s Waiting» by the girl group Bananarama. This catchy tune dominated the charts for an impressive 12 weeks in a row.

In late May, a vocal Democrat made an appearance outside the Manhattan courtroom where the trial for Donald Trump’s hush money took place.

The actor from The Intern, who recently lent his voice to an advertisement for the current President, attended a Joe Biden campaign event outside court.

In a recent statement, De Niro expressed his strong opposition to Trump’s candidacy in the upcoming presidential election, warning that he believes Trump’s policies could have negative effects on both the city and the country.

«It’s alarming how easily we dismiss individuals who may seem like clowns at first, only to realize later that they have transformed into dangerous dictators,» DeNiro expressed to reporters outside the courthouse. People aren’t laughing anymore because Trump gave us a second chance. It’s high time we put an end to his reign by voting him out once and for all.»

«I don’t mean to scare you,» he says. Wait, maybe I do want to scare you. I can promise you that Trump will never leave if he gets in.»

His sentiments were not universally embraced, and he found himself facing a crowd of irate Trump supporters, who showered him with harsh criticisms.

In an attempt to defend himself, the Raging Bull star fires back, «I won’t be intimidated. That’s what Trump does, he tries to intimidate. We have to fight back.”

According to Associated Press, Jason Miller, Trump’s senior campaign adviser, responded by referring to the multiple Oscar-winning DeNiro as «a washed-up actor.»

“We’re trying to be gentleman in this world. You are gangsters! «You are gangsters!» retorts the father of eight.

Amidst the chaotic crowd, a distinct voice rises above the rest, calling out, «Robert DeNiro!» You’re a little punk…you’re a nobody! Your movies suck!”

Seconds later, as the actor is escorted through the mob, he can be heard shouting a, “F**k you.”

It’s important to remember that celebrities are human beings and shouldn’t be expected to always respond graciously when faced with judgmental people. We hope that this incident serves as a reminder of their humanity.

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