A Millionaire Had An Odd Hobby Of Collecting Live Alligators…

One eccentric millionaire had an odd habit of collecting live alligators. He used to keep them in the swimming pool he built behind his mansion.

When the millionaire threw a big party one day, nobody dared to go near the pool since everyone knew he had alligators in it.

The millionaire then makes an announcement during the celebration, stating, «My dear guests..I have a preposition for you. I will give the man who makes it out of this pool alive a million dollars or my only daughter in marriage!»

When the man finished his sentence, there was dead silence for a moment. Then there was an enormous splash heard all of a sudden. When they heard the splash, everyone turned to see a guy screaming in the pool out of dread.

The guy continued stroking for his life, and the audience started to applaud him.

The man was finally able to get himself out of the water. He suffered some minor injuries and was just wearing a ripped top when he got out of the pool.

The young guy had the millionaire’s admiration, and he walked over to say, «My boy, that was incredible!» Fantastic! Wonderful! I didn’t believe that anybody would really accept my dare. I mean, I live by my words. What would you rather have—my daughter’s hand in marriage or a million dollars?»

«I don’t want your money or your daughter,» the man replies, panting. Just tell me who the hell pushed me there.”

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